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Looking for a cordless rotary hammer? Check our RawlHAMMER R-PRH18-24

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The compact design, ergonomic handle providing vibration damping, and comfort-oriented profile make the tool perfect for prolonged work, while its powerful percussion mechanism makes it suitable for drilling even in the hardest construction materials. Meet the new R-PRH18-24 RawlHAMMER.

The R-PRH18-24 RawlHAMMER compact cordless rotary hammer is one of the two latest additions to Rawlplug’s range of cordless power tools. This compact machine joins our 18V system of devices that run on replaceable 5.0Ah Li-Ion batteries, charged with a fast 50-minute charger. The line includes not only cordless rotary hammers, but also drill drivers, grinders, and impact drivers.

The R-PRH18-24 rotary hammer owes its lightweight and handy construction to the excellent design which takes both handling comfort and ergonomics into account. The SDS plus chuck provides full compatibility of the machine with the wide range of accessories available on the market, and its three operating modes – drilling, percussion drilling, and chasing – make it versatile and suitable for a wide range of construction jobs. It is great for drilling holes even in the hardest construction materials as well as for removing old plaster and tiles, or for any other work in concrete substrates.

R-PRH18-24 cordless rotary hammer – what does it provide?

Rawlplug’s cordless rotary hammers are professional devices designed for a variety of jobs. This model is specifically intended for heavy-duty work in concrete and other hard materials, serving in construction and renovation work. The highlights of the new R-PRH18-24 rotary hammer include:

  • Up to 24mm of drilling diameter for reinforced and non-reinforced concrete;
  • Easy-to-use mode selector allowing you to quickly switch between the power tool’s functions;
  • Powerful brushless motor ensuring high efficiency and durability of the mechanism, even in the most difficult tasks;
  • Option to purchase the tool in various sets or to choose from a wide range of accessories: batteries of the 5.0Ah RawlBATTERY line or the fast 50-minute RawlCHARGER, enabling continuous and uninterrupted operation;
  • Handy storage and transport system for the power tools and accessories – the plastic RawlCASE, easy to combine with other Rawlplug tool cases.
Nowy RawlHAMMER R-PRH18-24

Picking the right cordless rotary hammer

If you are wondering how to choose the right rotary hammer, make use of the advice provided by our experts, who not only know the specs of the different devices but can also choose the right one for your specific needs. Whether you are an experienced professional or a DIYer, here are some crucial criteria to consider when choosing a cordless rotary hammer for your job.

Want to know more? Have a look at our blog section under Construction Tips and make the most of the expertise shared by Rawlplug’s experts. That is where you can find advice on our power tools and accessories, as well as technical support for various jobs. 

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