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Which rotary hammer for the construction site? The all new R-PRH18-26!

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High power enclosed in a compact and lightweight body – this roughly summarises the main advantages of our new cordless rotary hammer, the R-PRH18-26 RawlHAMMER. It is handy, sturdy, and powerful - our machine is the perfect power tool for many different construction jobs.

High power enclosed in a compact and lightweight body – this roughly summarises the main advantages of our new cordless rotary hammer, the R-PRH18-26 RawlHAMMER. It is handy, sturdy, and powerful, and with the SDS plus chuck and a maximum drilling diameter of 26 mm, our machine is the perfect power tool for many different construction jobs.

A powerful rotary hammer suitable for drilling holes in hard building materials, such as concrete or stone, is absolutely essential at a construction site. With its unique design and highly specialised drill bits, it enables fast and efficient percussion drilling of holes with different diameters and depths, which proves crucial to those performing construction, renovation, and installation jobs.

Still thinking which rotary hammer to buy for your business? Have a look at the latest addition to our portfolio of 18V cordless power tools – the R-PRH18-26 rotary hammer of the RawlHAMMER family. This handy impact tool ensures convenient work and proves its worth in a wide range of applications, since next to drilling or percussion drilling, it is also a great rotary hammer for chipping off old plaster or tiles. Just check out its parameters!

R-PRH18-26 SDS plus rotary hammer – main parameters

Which parameters of the new 18V system rotary hammer should you take into consideration in the first place? The excellent technical specs make the new RawlHAMMER a viable alternative even towards its mains-powered equivalents.

  • The compact design of the R-PRH18-26 cordless rotary hammer is one of its greatest assets, making work comfortable and efficient, and reducing user fatigue.
  • With three modes of rotational speed and stroke number adjustment, high impact frequency, and high single stroke energy, you can accurately match the tool’s operating parameters to the job at hand. This has also been made much simpler thanks to the convenient speed and stroke control mode selector.
  • The powerful electro-pneumatic impact mechanism, generating 2.5 J of energy with an impact rate of up to 4,850 SPM, enables extremely efficient drilling in reinforced and non-reinforced concrete, with the drilling diameter up to 26 mm. Built of components of increased hardness, the impact mechanism extends the device’s service life.​
  • The SDS plus chuck ensures full compatibility with a wide selection of accessories available on the market. Look no further, as you can find excellent SDS drill bits for concrete in our product range.
  • Four operating modes – drilling, impact drilling, chasing (chipping off), and chisel positioning – make the machine truly versatile, for it manages remarkably not only in activities such as hole drilling in hard construction materials, but also while old plaster or wall cladding is being removed.
  • Dust-proof bearings of the power tool’s mechanisms allow it to work longer without failure.​
  • The rotary hammer’s LED light illuminates the workplace for increased user comfort and work safety.
  • The powerful brushless motor and gearbox guarantee excellent performance of the machine.
  • The tool’s rich standard equipment maximises its basic functionality. The set comprises high-capacity RawlBATTERY packs, the 50-minute RawlCHARGER, as well as the RawlCASE system container for easy storage or transportation of the machine along with other power tools.

What to keep in mind when choosing a rotary hammer for a construction site?

If you are wondering what kind of rotary hammer to buy, remember that a high-quality SDS rotary hammer will prove useful not only at a construction site; even with basic features, a rotary hammer is a piece of equipment which also comes in handy while you are performing both small- and large-scale renovation work or drilling holes for fixings in your house or flat.

So which characteristics of the R-PRH18-26 rotary hammer are particularly worth your attention if you are thinking whether to buy one?

  1. 1

    Power and performance. Besides the rotary hammer’s declared power rating, you should also consider such characteristics as high impact power, high impact rate, and actual performance under construction conditions. Check whether the chosen rotary hammer is really powerful enough to handle the task of hole drilling to the desired depth and diameter.

  2. 2

    Power source. If you’re wondering whether to choose mains-powered (corded) or battery-powered (cordless) equipment for your needs, notice the large capacity of the battery pack that comes with our RawlHAMMER rotary hammer. Combined with the rapid 50-minute charger, they virtually eliminate downtime, providing you with unparalleled comfort of movement and work in places where it is difficult to find a nearby power source.

  3. 3

    Features and operating modes. Impact work, such as drilling, percussion drilling, and chasing or chipping off, is the bread and butter of every construction site. Having chosen a device that functions in all these modes, you are more confident that you can perform a broad variety of construction work.

  4. 4

    Human factors and comfort of use. Comfort is crucial to every tool user’s performance and safety. The R-PRH18-26 rotary hammer has been designed with ergonomics in mind, offering comfortable handles for a secure grip as well as vibration and noise damping systems which reduce fatigue and risk of injury.

  5. 5

    Accessories and add-ons. The capacity to quickly and easily replace power tool accessories, such as SDS plus drill bits or chisels, translates into improved performance at work. The R-PRH18-26 rotary hammer is compatible with a broad variety of tools, which allows you to adapt it to specific construction jobs.

  6. 6

    Durability and robustness built in design. Investing in the robust R-PRH18-26 rotary hammer, made of high-quality materials, will ensure not only excellent working efficiency, but also long-lasting performance and trouble-free operation, even in difficult construction conditions.

  7. 7

    Service and technical support. Sound warranty, professional repair and maintenance service, as well as technical support during the operation of the power tool are aspects to keep in mind with every purchase. Rawlplug’s technical support will help you solve any problem related to the use of our RawlHAMMER, as well as select the right accessories.

If you prefer mains-powered equipment, check the powerful corded rotary hammers we have in offering. Our SDS plus rotary hammer and SDS max rotary hammer are powerful machines that will meet your expectations for most construction jobs. You can find more information on the right choice of power tools in the blog release entitled Power tools for professionals.

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