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We invite you to participate in Rawlplug’s new training project that meets the 3 core criteria for effective learning: practical KNOWLEDGE, interesting CONTENT, attractive FORM. You can have all this without even leaving your office, home, or garden. Here’s access to a series of online seminars conducted by Rawlplug’s experts!

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E-learning training topics

Rawlplug Academy e-learning courses include several hundred training hours covering three thematic areas: industry knowledge, as well as knowledge about Rawlplug’s products and services.

Industry knowledge training
All the facts you need to navigate the fixings, fasteners and tools sector more easily and specialise in it. The topics you will find here include basic knowledge about fixings, the importance and requirements of certification, and corrosion protection methods.

Product training
General descriptions of the product categories and specific information about the particular products, the rules of proper product selection and installation, as well as the most frequent applications.

Service training
Everything there is to know about our tools that facilitate design and work with our products, and about our original POS system.

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General characteristics and types of drills - E-LEARNING

General characteristics and types of drills


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Fastening basics - E-LEARNING

Basics of fastenings


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Rawlplug's offer - products, services, trainings - E-LEARNING

Rawlplug offer - products, services, training


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Introductory product training - E-LEARNING

Introductory product training


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Our e-learning offers


We use methods allowing you to experience our products during the online courses and making you feel as if you were really using them. Get access to practical knowledge, interesting content and an attractive format to build your image as an industry expert.

Accessibility and convenience

Smartphones, tablets, laptops – you can benefit from our training on any device with Internet access. Train whenever you want.


We have prepared many forms of providing information to allow you to acquire knowledge more effectively. We give you video tutorials, animations, knowledge pills, infographics, benefit packages, and more.

Knowledge pills

Have 20 minutes to spare? Check out our brief courses summing up the key information in the respective areas and making it possible to systematise your knowledge.

Effect monitoring

Each training ends with a test to verify your knowledge level. You can retake the test and return to the training as many times as you like. You can also check your team’s results.

Team training management

If your team also attends Rawlplug Academy, you can manage their training, monitor the completion of individual training levels, and check the results of each team member individually, thus supporting their effective development.

Rawlplug’s experts

Rawlplug’s professionals specialising in many industry areas, including:

  • Certified Rawlplug Trainers
  • Product Managers
  • R&D Representatives
  • Engineers and Technical Advisors
  • Guest speakers – representatives of various construction industry sectors


Training is his passion. He has been developing the Rawlplug Academy programme since 2021. His earlier experience of working with customers allows him to understand their needs and tailor the training to them. His strengths lie in practical training. This will allow you to find out the details about each product. You will learn how to use them correctly and what to avoid during installation.


Working in various areas of sales since 2003. Since 2018, he has been training employees with regard to product knowledge and sales skills. He has been designing training for many groups at different levels. Artur will share his knowledge of power tools, all kinds of fixing, and direct fastening methods. The training he conducts also involves teaching soft skills.


He began his adventure with Rawlplug in 2013, starting as a warehouse employee, and then moving to the Customer Service Department assisting Polish customers, where he learnt about all sorts of needs, even the most demanding ones, and he has been a Product Training Specialist since 2020. He shares his knowledge in the field of mechanical anchors, bonded anchors, power tools, direct fastening methods. lightweight fixings and facade fixings in the south of Poland.


Engineer with many years of experience in the construction industry. Since 2017, he has been working with Rawlplug, contributing to the development of the Rawlplug Academy programme. His strengths include fixings and engineering issues. The combination of hands-on experience with training expertise allows him to excellently convey both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Feedback from participants

Find out what construction industry professionals who have attended our training courses think about them.

Join them!

“I attended training organised by RAWLPLUG today. I learnt a lot interesting things about how the company came into being and how it operates. The training was conducted by two friendly gentlemen in a really nice atmosphere. I’d recommend it to anyone.”
Krzysztof, Borowscy Budowa i Remonty
“I became familiar with the tools during the Finishing Works Group academy. I own a drywall screwdriver. I must admit that the device is really handy and hassle-free. I’m also really impressed with the people representing the company, the interactions were great and they always had everything professionally covered.”
Kamil, Home Design
“During the training, I learnt many interesting facts about the company. My favourite takeaway from the session is that when I buy your products, I support a Polish company. I also learnt about various technical details that are relevant to me.”
Konrad Kaczmarek

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