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Live in-person training

Practical workshops conducted by experts. During the training, you will acquire practical skills and deepen the knowledge gained during e-learning courses and webinars. To understand something, you need to touch and feel it, and to build a positive habit, it is best to do it under the guidance of Rawlplug's experts. Book a training session at a time and place of your choice, and we’ll handle the rest!

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Topics covered

The aim of live in-person training is to acquire practical skills, meaning the application of theory in specific installation situations.

Practical training courses are intended for anyone who has acquired basic theoretical knowledge prepared in the form of Rawlplug e-learning courses and webinars.

The difficulty level is adapted to the participants’ requirements, so depending on the needs, our training is provided at the basic, advanced, and expert level. You will learn how to resolve installation issues, which parameters determine fixing and fastening quality, what the key features of the products are, and how to choose the optimum solution for the specific application. You will perform installation under the guidance of experts and understand which mistakes to avoid to obtain a strong and durable fixing.

The skills acquired during the training will be confirmed by a Rawlplug Academy certificate.


  • Lecture part, with active participation of trainees.
  • Discussion of the technical parameters, features and competitive advantages of the individual product groups.
  • Highlighting gains in daily work derived from using specific products (in terms of quality, cost, or completion time).
  • Tips on proper product selection. Trainers use special product wallcharts to help understand the specific nature of a product better and link it to a particular application. The aspects discussed during the training include: cost optimisation, installation time, safety, as well as reliable operation after installation.
  • Products are selected from the chart along with the matching accessories, to be subsequently used in the hands-on testing zone.

Hands-on experience

  • The trainees are divided into two small groups allowing everyone to test the products freely.
  • Tests using sample walls with the most common base materials, prepared in such a way as to reflect real-life construction site conditions.
  • Work using mobile power tool stations with trolleys placed next to them containing previously prepared products.
  • The workshop focuses on real-life testing of products, on the practical experience of their correct installation, but also on mistakes trainees make, so that they can avoid them in the future, and on consolidation of best practices.
  • Pull-out tests are performed to confirm the strength of fixing of different products in the same substrate.

Training calendar


There are currently no events scheduled.

Training at the Rawlplug Training Centre or at your company’s location

Academy Training Centres

Training at our Centre

Places created to help you become an expert.

The Rawlplug Academy Training Centres are an element of Rawlplug’s integrated development programme intended for construction industry professionals.

Training at the customer’s location

Mobile training

We can visit you and hold the training wherever you might need it: at your company’s location, at a construction site, or at a point of sale. We will tailor the agenda and the form of training as well as the tools used to your individual needs. 

See what you can gain from our training

We know the best practices

Every single day, we analyse complex design and construction challenges faced by our customers from all over the world. During the training, we share the knowledge and experience we have gained over the years, because we know perfectly well what contributes to the effective application of our products.

We share our experts’ experience

Our training is an opportunity to meet our experts and share experiences. The trainers will answer all your questions and, if necessary, build a larger team of practitioners and researchers to address any complex issues that might emerge. Since we have our own R&D centre and work with many institutes and universities around the world, we have access to the latest research and the possibility of carrying out special tests to confirm the effectiveness of the solutions we offer.

We adapt the level of training to the trainees’ knowledge and skills

We offer courses differing in terms of difficulty level, so that each trainee can supplement their knowledge and skills at the level of their choice. Before proceeding to practical training, we recommend that you attend e-learning courses and webinars to acquire the basic knowledge necessary for subsequent hands-on sessions.

We provide training in an interactive form

During the theoretical lectures, the trainer constantly keeps the participants engaged, encouraging them to ask questions and share their experiences. In this manner, the trainees are always active during the training, and knowledge is transferred in an effective way.

We are practitioners, so we give you the essential facts

During the hands-on sessions, each trainee performs safe installation, learns about the differences between the products, and finds out about the most common mistakes made during installation. Starting from construction and design challenges, we teach you how to select the optimum products, as well as accessories and tools without which proper installation is often impossible.

We provide a package of training and testing tools

Multimedia presentations, animations, video tutorials, product display units, and printed materials. We make sure that knowledge is communicated in an interesting and accessible way.

How to order a training






You will obtain a training completion certificate


The training process ends with a Rawlplug Academy certificate, confirming the knowledge and skills acquired during the sessions. As an innovator and industry leader with experience spanning over 100 years, we invite you to continue to train with us.


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Rawlplug’s experts

Rawlplug’s professionals specialising in many industry areas, including:

  • Certified Rawlplug Trainers
  • Product Managers
  • R&D Representatives
  • Engineers and Technical Advisors
  • Guest speakers – representatives of various construction industry sectors


Training is his passion. He has been developing the Rawlplug Academy programme since 2021. His earlier experience of working with customers allows him to understand their needs and tailor the training to them. His strengths lie in practical training. This will allow you to find out the details about each product. You will learn how to use them correctly and what to avoid during installation.


Working in various areas of sales since 2003.  Since 2018, he has been training employees with regard to product knowledge and sales skills. He has been designing training for many groups at different levels. Artur will share his knowledge of power tools, all kinds of fixing, and direct fastening methods. The training he conducts also involves teaching soft skills.


He began his adventure with Rawlplug in 2013, starting as a warehouse employee, and then moving to the Customer Service Department assisting Polish customers, where he learnt about all sorts of needs, even the most demanding ones, and he has been a Product Training Specialist since 2020. He shares his knowledge in the field of mechanical anchors, bonded anchors, power tools, direct fastening methods. lightweight fixings and facade fixings in the south of Poland.


Engineer with many years of experience in the construction industry. Since 2017, he has been working with Rawlplug, contributing to the development of the Rawlplug Academy programme. His strengths include fixings and engineering issues. The combination of hands-on experience with training expertise allows him to excellently convey both theoretical and practical knowledge.


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Feedback from participants

Find out what construction industry professionals who have attended our training courses think about them.

Join them!

“At the GPW academy, we learnt a lot of interesting facts about RAWLPLUG. The company’s representatives demonstrated the wall plug technology to us at the dedicated station and gave us an interesting quiz. We also got an opportunity to try out their tools there.”
Patryk Lasota, PROFBUD Wykończenia
“I attended Rawlplug’s training during the GPW academy in Poznań. Those few minutes spent with the trainers allowed me to find out not only a couple of cool facts about the brand’s history, but also some details useful for my daily work. Thanks for the great time and see you at the construction site.”
Michał Lewandowski, Pogotowie remontowe

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