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We invite you to participate in a training project that meets the three core criteria for effective learning: practical knowledge, interesting content, and attractive form. You can have all this without even leaving your office, home, or garden. Check out the webinars conducted by Rawlplug’s experts.

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You will see presentations and watch videos specially produced to deepen and consolidate your knowledge of Rawlplug® products and about their advantages over competitive offerings. You will benefit from practical knowledge, interesting content and an attractive format to build your image as an industry expert.

Meetings with experts

You will engage in discussions with representatives of various sectors from the whole country. You will obtain answers to your questions. You will hear important information and tips, and learn about product highlights.

Convenient access to materials

If you want, you can see a live test with Rawlplug products. You will have access to lectures and training presentations anywhere you like.

About our webinars

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Topics covered

Above all, we want to share our experts’ know-how with you to expand your knowledge and improve your skills. The webinars concern products and services applicable in every sector of the construction industry.

  • How to choose the right products?
  • What makes them unique?
  • What are their technical parameters?
  • What are their advantages over competitors’ products?
  • How to install them correctly?

Find out the answers to all these questions during online meetings with Rawlplug® experts. The webinars are designed taking into account the potential and the specific business needs of individual markets and particular professional groups.

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Rawlplug’s experts

Rawlplug’s professionals specialising in many industry areas, including:

  • Certified Rawlplug Trainers
  • Product Managers
  • R&D Representatives
  • Engineers and Technical Advisors
  • Guest speakers – representatives of various construction industry sectors


Training is his passion. He has been developing the Rawlplug Academy programme since 2021. His earlier experience of working with customers allows him to understand their needs and tailor the training to them. His strengths lie in practical training. This will allow you to find out the details about each product. You will learn how to use them correctly and what to avoid during installation.


Working in various areas of sales since 2003.  Since 2018, he has been training employees with regard to product knowledge and sales skills. He has been designing training for many groups at different levels. Artur will share his knowledge of power tools, all kinds of fixing, and direct fastening methods. The training he conducts also involves teaching soft skills.


He began his adventure with Rawlplug in 2013, starting as a warehouse employee, and then moving to the Customer Service Department assisting Polish customers, where he learnt about all sorts of needs, even the most demanding ones, and he has been a Product Training Specialist since 2020. He shares his knowledge in the field of mechanical anchors, bonded anchors, power tools, direct fastening methods. lightweight fixings and facade fixings in the south of Poland.


Engineer with many years of experience in the construction industry. Since 2017, he has been working with Rawlplug, contributing to the development of the Rawlplug Academy programme. His strengths include fixings and engineering issues. The combination of hands-on experience with training expertise allows him to excellently convey both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Feedback from participants

Find out what construction industry professionals who have attended our training courses think about them.

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It was a great pleasure for me to attend Rawlplug’s webinar. The presentations were very professional indeed, and the trainers did a great job sharing their knowledge in an accessible and interesting way. I really appreciated the opportunity to interact and ask questions live, as this allowed me to gain an in-depth understanding of the topic. I’m sure that the knowledge I acquired will bring tangible benefits to my company.
Rawlplug’s webinars are always very valuable and full of practical advice. As someone who values continuous development and knowledge expansion, I’m very satisfied with the quality of these online training courses.
I’m really impressed by how professional Rawlplug’s webinars are. The materials were clear and easy to understand, and the interactions helped to dispel my doubts. I will continue to attend them in the future.

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