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Gas nailer SC40II for concrete and steel without battery and charger - paper box - 1 pc.

Solid walls



Steel and concrete gas nailer

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Steel and concrete gas nailer

  • Rear loading lightweight plastic magazine with a capacity of 30 pins provides durability and acessibility
  • Compact and ergonomic design allows the operator to achieve great accessibility and freedom of operation
  • Pin range from 15mm to 38mm provides wide range of application
  • Tool free depth adjustment. The operator can easily adjust the depth that the nail is driven into timber to produce a precise fixing
  • Lithium technology alongside with energy saving features ensures high capacity and performance of the system
  • Quick release mechanism provides easy acces to the magazine for removing obstructions and performing routine maintenance
  • Sequential firing mode for operators safety and fixing precision
  • Low weight provides end user with high level of comfort and working experience
  • The charge status indicator allows you to optimally schedule work time

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Concrete C20/25-C50/60



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