There is no innovation without tradition. Old Head Office to become one of Wrocław’s landmarks

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This investment is special not only to us, but also to the entire city we are bound with and where our HQ is based. The finishing works in the interiors of the Old Head Office (Stara Dyrekcja in Polish) building, intended to become Rawlplug’s future home, have just begun.

The historic building, situated near the Oder banks on the premises owned by Rawlplug, dates back to the inter-war period. Once the construction of the navigable channel by-passing the centre of Wrocław came to an end, having spanned the years 1916–1922, an industrial enclave began to emerge along the right river bank, in the city’s northern part, near the housing district of Kowale. It was here that a synthetic fibre production plant was opened in 1927, clearly standing out among the nearby facilities with its state-of-the-art technology and stylistically coherent architecture.

Adding beauty to the capital of Lower Silesia

The former administration building – the first of the two that comprise the contemporary Old Head Office compound – was erected in 1928. It was extended in the 1960’s, but the unique character of the original edifice was preserved. Rawlplug’s ongoing project of renovation of the beautiful historic building, soon to become the company’s headquarters, is an investment in the development of new office spaces, on the one hand, and on the other hand, a homage to the tradition of Wrocław, the local architecture, and the construction industry itself, which we hold so dear.

Our company was, is, and always will be closely linked with the city. Everyone who keeps track of our activity is well aware of the fact that, besides obviously pursuing business objectives and continuous technological development, we have always been particularly attentive to our immediate surrounding as well as to the legacy we can leave behind. The Old Head Office is one of the buildings of which Wrocław can be particularly proud. Having decided to renovate the historic edifice, we intend to make it at least as impressive and appealing as it was in its inter-war heyday and to make it yet another landmark of the Lower Silesian capital.

Radosław Koelner

CEO of Rawlplug

Office spaces, conference rooms, and... a patio

We have recently started the finishing stage in the Old Head Office interior. Here are some selected examples of the work already completed and still in progress inside the building:

  • GROUND FLOOR – maximised use of the available space for office functions; lobby and meeting area with a reception desk, a conference room, a canteen, and a patio with trees
  • FIRST FLOOR – all of the available space to be utilised for office functions
  • OPENING UP THE ENTRANCE ZONE – the exit leading to the basement level, formerly separated with a brick wall and enclosed with a solid door, has been replaced with an open frame made of high-gloss polished steel panels, creating the effect of a slightly frosted mirror
  • RESPECT FOR THE ORIGINAL – design efforts aimed at highlighting the existing historic elements, and particularly the concrete staircase covered with fine terrazzo and adorned with a bent steel balustrade of distinctive geometric form; renovation of the wooden entrance door and adding minimalist spotlighting; preserving the wooden swing doors, typical of the 1920’s, separating the staircase, on the ground and first floors
  • FLOORING AND PLASTER – original floors to be preserved: concrete on the ground floor and wooden on level one; plaster to be completely replaced with an intent to retain the type and texture of the original plaster

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