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Latest version of the EasyFix calculation program now available

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What you can find at Rawlplug is not only a wide range of fixings, fasteners, and power tools, but also a variety of services that support the daily work of designers, construction engineers, site managers, and contractors.

EasyFix is our proprietary program that enables highly specialised and accurate calculations. We have just prepared its latest version.

Version 4.9.6 of EasyFix completes the development effort performed to date in designing and refining the modules of the Wind Calculation category. This category is actually one of the most unique on the market, as no other company offers an equally extensive range of tools for calculation of fixing parameters, both for roofs and facades. Adding yet another category, we respond to the needs of those who use Rawlplug’s products on a daily basis. The latest version of EasyFix makes it easier and faster to perform design calculations for various fixing and fastening solutions, including roof fixings, sheet metal fasteners, screws for composite panels, or facade insulation fixings.

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New EasyFix modules of the Wind Calculation category

The updated version of EasyFix provides users with a total of 6 modules under the Wind Calculation category: 3 for facade and 3 for roof work:

The modules were added gradually, while now they form a single uniform system which facilitates designing and construction of enclosed built features (such as warehouse or production halls, blocks of flats, shopping centres, and industrial structures). All types of construction covering, including metal sheets, structural liner trays, panels, or insulation materials with waterproofing membrane, are covered by individual modules. 

You can find out everything EasyFix has to offer with our digestible video tutorials. Visit our YT channel and check it out

Despite its immense capabilities when it comes to modelling a wide range of objects, being crucial for reliable and safe calculations, EasyFix remains simple and intuitive. This is due not only to the solutions we deliver, but also to user feedback. We continuously monitor how the program is used in practice, which allows us to improve individual modules according to our customers’ actual needs.

EasyFix – compatible modules and fast calculations

One of the main advantages of EasyFix is the compatibility of individual modules.



Thinking of ways to reduce the time required to complete a design, we have introduced a solution that integrates all modules in terms of the cubic volume and structure of built features. In other words, having been designing structures using the Roof Steel Sheet module, you can freely use the same file in the Roof Insulation module.

Wojciech Linkowski

Technical Support Leader

And that does not conclude the enhancements. The same file, created in the roof-specific modules, can also be implemented in those dedicated to facade work, while the building’s cubic volume already set is maintained.

The developers of the latest version of EasyFix also took care to ensure optimised mapping of objects and maximised precision of calculations. Instead of simplified building models, based on the geometric figure of a rectangle, the user can now obtain highly accurate design mapping and run all the calculations it requires. This makes it possible to increase the efficiency of design work along with optimised use of Rawlplug’s products.

EasyFix 4.9.6 – new features in the Concrete module.

The new modules added under the Wind Calculation category are not the only tweaks that await the users of EasyFix 4.9.6.  The program’s updated version also introduces several new features in the Concrete module:

  • New design method – BS EN 1992-4:2018, prepared with the British market in mind. EasyFix has been adapted to the current design standards applicable in the UK, thanks to which our users can rest assured that their designs comply with the current requirements applicable in that region.  
  • Enhanced visual identification of Rawlplug’s products. In the search engine’s filters, product images have also been added to product names. This makes the selection of the right product easier, especially for those users who are new to Rawlplug’s portfolio.  
  • Streamlined filtering and fixing selection system. The minor changes we have introduced have yielded significant improvements in terms of user experience, application intuitiveness, and its capability of performing calculations even faster.

And we are not yet done with the changes and improvements that await EasyFix users. What the nearest future is expected to bring is the implementation of a new category dedicated to calculations for wood fixings. We will keep you posted about it all on an ongoing basis.


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