Rawlplug at SAIE Bari

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We couldn’t miss it. This is one of the largest and most comprehensive events attended by construction professionals in Italy. This time, it was held in the south, in the city of Bari. Check out what was happening at SAIE 2023!

We welcome every activity of our subsidiaries around the world, and whenever we can, we support them in the most important efforts. This time, our representatives visited our Italian subsidiary company, Rawlplug Italia, to go to Bari together for a 3-day celebration of professionals involved in the vast area of the construction industry. That is where we came across both large construction businesses or developers as well as designers and independent contractors.

Rawlplug Italia – SAIE co-organiser and ISI member

Our Italian subsidiary is a member of the ISI association (Ingegneria Sismica Italiana) which has been collaborating with SAIE since its inception.

Did you know that...?

ISI is a group of scientific and industrial entities operating in the field of seismic engineering. They actively promote, represent, and disseminate their projects, relying on a process in which procedures and technical solutions are developed to prove effective during earthquakes.

Rawlplug was not to be missed at the SAIE show as well, being there as a manufacturer supplying fixing and fastening systems for construction applications, tested and certified for use in seismically hazardous areas.   

SAIE Bari – an opportunity to build relationships with the south of Italy

Since the event was organised in the south of Italy, Rawlplug Italia had the opportunity to reach new customers. Compared to 2022, when the show held in Bologna, the turnout increased by as much as 35%! This made our presence at this important event dedicated to the entire industry all the more welcome.

We didn’t complain at all about the intense traffic next to our stand – visitors came in impressive numbers; and to our even greater satisfaction – they were people of all age groups. We were even able to meet and talk to construction school students.

Sebastian Bojanowicz

POS Manager Rawlplug Polska

SAIE Bari Rawlplug
Rawlplug’s imposing stand with the Shop-in-Shop system on display attracted visitors.
We built a strong team – the entire crew of Rawlplug Italia along with the Polish delegation – which allowed us to allocate our resources adequately and address the visitors’ needs. We offered them expertise, demonstrated our POS system, distributed gadgets, but above all we talked a lot; seriously – a lot.

Paweł Andrasiewicz

Business Development Manager

Rawlplug Italia SAIE
Bez pracy nie ma kołaczy. Tak wyglądał montaż stoiska na targi SAIE w Bari.
I am delighted with the support we got from the Polish team. At the SAIE trade show, we were able to present our products and services in a fully professional and visually appealing manner, while our very presence at such an important event was extremely important in itself. We mainly presented the Shop-in-Shop system, Rawlplug’s power tools, and our entire range of fixings.

Marco Cannone

Managing Director Rawlplug Italia

See Rawlplug in action

The Italian SAIE trade show, held in Bari in 2023, was attended by as many as 25,527 professionals from across the entire construction industry. Rawlplug Italia and Poland closed ranks to build a truly strong partnership. We appreciate it and we wish further successful conquests to our Italian colleagues!

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