We recruited engineers... with a role-playing game

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Our unique stand really stood out at the the Wrocław University of Technology career fair, an event with very high student attendance. We opted for a completely different style, and our decision was spot on. See a photo report from the event.

Gnomes, mages, knights, elves and warriors recruiting R&D employees? Why not?

The idea behind the new recruitment campaign was simple enough. We wanted to target a specific audience, and it so happens that many of our R&D employees are gamers. The RPG, board game and video game setting is very familiar to them. We came to the conclusion that we would use the same language to speak to a specific group of students, a language that they would find attractive and comprehensible.

Dominika Rost

Rawlplug HR Specialist

The career fair at the Wrocław University of Technology confirmed that our idea was spot on. The stand not only stood out from the rest, but above all, it drew the attention of students who may soon start their career with Rawlplug: as design engineers, employees at our labs, or creators of innovative products, including power tools. 

World of RScience. Kampania rekrutacyjna RPG
Role-playing games are about being inventive, creative, and imaginative, and we are looking for people who have precisely these qualities.

Dominika Rost

Specjalistka HR

See what it looked like at the University of Technology, where our HR specialists Małgorzata Chalewicz, Dominika Rost and Beata Makowska, as well as our R&D experts, including Robert Antoszczyk and Artur Grzesiak, told people about Rawlplug.

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