Rawlplug Vietnam & ISO-9001. First stage of certification completed

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The manufacturing plant in Vietnam has gone through another successful audit. A positive assessment from TÜV means that we can proceed to the second stage of certification.

Last year, we reported [LINK] on the audit carried out at Bau Bang by the Certification Department of the Building Research Institute. It confirmed that Factory Production Control system implemented at Rawlplug Vietnam met the requirements for CPR (Construction Products Regulations) certification, thus making it possible to run stable production ensuring maintenance of the declared performance. At that time, we announced that the work would continue with the expansion of the quality management system by ISO-9001 standard certification, and we have been carrying out this plan. 

ISO certification under the guidance of experts from Wrocław

On 29 February, an ISO 9001 system audit took place at the Rawlplug Vietnam Company Limited Plant. It was carried out by the TÜV Vietnam Certification Body. Rawlplug was represented by the Vietnam team: Kenneth Fabella, RV Plant Director, Ngoc-Dang Bich Nguyen, Quality Engineer, Jason Ngo, Purchasing Manager – as well as by Anna Donesz, Factory Production Control Specialist from the Wrocław Headquarters, coordinating all the certification work and providing substantive support to the colleagues from Vietnam. The opening meeting and audit was also attended by Krzysztof Woźniak, Director of the Rawlplug Plants in Wrocław, Vietnam and Thailand, and Piotr Rzyski, Rawlplug’s EHS Department Manager.

After brief presentations concerning, among other things, the sustainability strategy, the scope of activity of the Vietnam Plant as well as Rawlplug’s research and development capabilities, we proceeded to define the scope of the certification and the goals.

Anna Donesz

Factory Production Control Specialist

This part of the audit included:

  • a review of the processes implemented at the Plant in terms of compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001,
  • a visit to the shop floor,
  • verification of use and records in terms of compliance with the system documentation drafted and with the internal procedures,

checking the method of implementation of corrective actions taken and planned following the internal audit, identifying areas for further improvement.

What are the benefits of ISO 9001?

The TÜV audit was successful, enabling us to move on to the second stage. The credit for this goes undoubtedly to teamwork and to the support of RSA experts, including our Quality Department Leader, Katarzyna Lizakowska.

Anna Donesz

Factory Production Control Specialist

The systematic implementation of the ISO standard in Vietnam is a result of Rawlplug’s consistent policy, in which customers’ needs and the highest quality of manufactured products always remain at the top of the priority list.

Implementation of the ISO-9001 system brings more than just a positive impact on the company’s global image. It also accelerates responses to dynamic market changes, improves communication within the organisation, ensures continuing control over processes, increases employee engagement and competence in the company’s operations, as well as minimises the possibility of undesirable deviations from accepted requirements or standards.

Anna Donesz

Factory Production Control Specialist

We are pleased with the assessment obtained from TÜV, and the specific strengths and areas for improvement indicated allow us to know what we need to focus on before moving forward.

Piotr Rzyski

EHS Department Manager

The second phase of certification is coming soon, scheduled on a preliminary basis for late April/early May.

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