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Rawlplug’s training support. Training courses in EasyFix and BIM

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Those who participated in a series of training sessions prepared by our Technical Support Department were given an opportunity to improve their knowledge of rebar installation in seismic zones, variable anchoring depth, and many other subjects.

The March training sessions – delivered in both classroom and online format – were attended by representatives of subsidiaries from all over the world as well as engineers from Rawlplug Polska. The problems addressed included selected features of and the latest add-ons to EasyFix, Rawlplug’s proprietary software, as well as the major BIM update.

Two-way knowledge transfer

Our in-house expertise-building training is designed to prepare engineers to go out into the field and pass on the knowledge they have gained: to their respective teams, customers, and partners. However, our classes are not mere lectures. They rather tend to take the form of discussions, for we believe in two-way transfer of knowledge. Together with the participants, we consider various potential vectors for further development of our products and services, thinking how to satisfy the needs of individual markets in the most effective way.

Marian Bober

Dyrektor ds. Wsparcia Technicznego Rawlplug

A good example of this approach is the algorithm for rebar anchoring against specific seismic loads, rendered available in EasyFix – a solution that is in high demand in regions prone to seismic activity, such as Turkey, Italy, or India. Aleksandra Mielnik from Rawlplug’s Technical Support Department, who personally supervised the development of the algorithm, talked about it in great detail during the training sessions. 

Innovative solutions available to few

The technical problem of a variable anchoring depth of the R-HPT III, along with the relevant ETA parameters and their interpretation, was discussed by Radosław Wdowiak.

This subject is relatively new to us and somewhat unique in many ways. We are one of merely four manufacturers in the world who can use this solution for structural fixing applications.

Wojciech Linkowski

Rawlplug’s Technical Support Leader

The training held in March was a natural follow-up to the educational initiatives undertaken by the Technical Support Department, organised on a regular basis for over 10 years. The stimulus for expanding the group of participants was provided by last year’s Rawplug Summit in Wrocław. 

The heads of our subsidiary companies were truly impressed by the presentations our department had prepared for the event and immediately asked us to organise similar workshops for their employees.

Wojciech Linkowski

Rawlplug’s Technical Support Leader

Teaching together means better

Events of this kind are also intended to support BDMs oriented towards specific product groups in their daily operations, as they naturally concentrate on the problems they find most relevant while training the staff of their respective companies.

The knowledge we currently hold at Rawlplug’s HQ is so vast that individual persons are simply unable to pass it on effectively. That is precisely why, at the last Wrocław Summit, we came up with the idea of launching online training courses for our subsidiary companies all over the world, focused exclusively on technical expertise building. We have consulted our BDMs on the subjects to be covered.

Marian Bober

Rawlplug’s Technical Support Director

The March series of training sessions for employees from outside Poland was not a one-off event. Plans to organise further iterations of this project, managed by experts from the HQ, have already been made, and the heads of our subsidiaries can request training directly at Rawlplug’s Technical Support Department on an ongoing basis.


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