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Rawlplug’s bonded anchors used in one of the most important Polish investments of 2024!

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The Great Island Alley in Wrocław is a historic development, recognised as one of the ten most important municipal investments of 2024 in Poland! Our reliable bonded anchors were used for its construction. Which ones exactly? Read on to find the answer.

The Wrocław project involves the construction of a road section running over two rivers: Oława and Odra. The investment linked the areas of Tarnogaj to Biskupin and Sępolno, allowing people to move much faster between these well-known housing estates. The alley includes two bridges, two overpasses and 3.5 km of new road, all with the aim of improving traffic flow in the eastern part of the city. The whole construction project may end up costing north of PLN 250 million, with funding provided from the city budget.

Streamlining traffic and circulation

The alley brings benefits not only to residents of the Great Island and its surroundings, but also significantly reduces car traffic in many of Wrocław’s congested squares, such as Wróblewskiego and Dominikański. Several kilometres of cycle paths have already been developed along the route. The plan is to have a total of 9.5 km built, all bidirectional. For pedestrians, in turn, 12.5 km of pavements are planned. 

The Great Island Alley Rawlplug Reference Object

One of Wrocław’s longest bridges

The alley includes two bridges and two overpasses. The new Most Olimpijski (Olympic Bridge) spanning the Oder in Wrocław is 700 long, and thus one of the longest bridges in the city!

The Great Island Alley Rawlplug Reference Object

It has a total surface area of 13,845 square metres. The structure rests on 14 piers, and the stability of the ground beneath them is provided by around 800 deep displacement piles with a length of 6 to 9 metres. A total of 2,100 tonnes of steel and 15,500 cubic metres of concrete were used to build the bridge!

Interesting fact!

The Olympic Bridge is hollow inside, which makes its structure much lighter. The load-bearing elements are in the form of concrete boxes, which should facilitate technical inspections. It meets the highest strength requirements; if need be, even tanks could use it to cross the river! However, on an everyday basis, the bridge won’t have to handle such loads, as heavy goods vehicles will not be allowed to drive over it. Rather than tanks, city buses will run there. 

Products used during construction

A number of specialised products were employed in the project, contributing significantly to its success. For bridge deck overhang anchorage, 528 soft-skin capsules (foil packs) of the R-CFS+KERII-600 bonded anchor and 100 R-KER-II-400 bonded anchors were used. 

In addition, our reliable R-KEX-II epoxy anchor was also applied, together with R-STUDS-20260 threaded rods, installed in the bridge superstructure. 

R-STUDS threaded rods Rawlplug reference object

R-KEX-II is a high-quality epoxy resin-based product certified for cracked, reinforced and unreinforced concrete. It is the perfect solution for applications in dry, wet and flooded substrates, with a useful life of up to 100 years!

A fact worth knowing!

The Olympic Bridge was built using the cantilever method, which involves extending the successive segments using special formwork travellers that take over the load from the formwork, reinforcement and concrete, thus enabling construction without having to use additional supports.

Our products have also been used to install noise barriers and nature barriers, protecting birds and bats from accidentally entering the carriageway. Particularly important here is the use of the CFS+ system, making it possible to significantly reduce plastic consumption. 

Another interesting fact!

GRUPA REPRIN, a company operating since 2005 and specialising in protection of the environment against noise, was responsible for installing the screens. GRUPA REPRIN designs and builds noise enclosures and installations to improve the sound environment.

It is worth recalling that at Rawlplug, we now use only a tenth of the plastic needed for traditional cartridges, which makes our modern CFS+ soft-skin capsules more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Minimising plastic consumption and reducing waste are key elements in our company’s long-term sustainability strategy.

Investment details

  • Designer (consortium of companies):
    • Firma Projektowa Wanecki Sp. z o.o.
  • General Contractor: 
    • Banimex Sp. z o.o.
  • Products:
    • R-CFS+KERII-600
    • R-KER-II-400
    • R-KEX-II + R-STUDS-20260HD

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