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Code of Conduct for Rawlplug’s Suppliers – let’s grow together!

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In light of the dynamically changing business environment and having defined the CSR criteria, the Management Board of the Rawlplug Group has resolved to circulate a document entitled 'Code of Conduct for Rawlplug’s Suppliers'.

The Code of Conduct for Rawlplug’s Suppliers is an important element of our sustainable development and responsible supply chain policy. Its foundation as well as a relevant component is Rawlplug’s promotion of the idea of social responsibility among its suppliers and its willingness to collaborate with counterparties who respect human rights, act in accordance with legal regulations, ensure safe and decent working conditions, follow the highest ethical standards and – last but not least – care for natural environment.

Shared development vectors

Purchasing is one of strategic business areas at Rawlplug, which makes all the principles collected and described in this Code fully aligned with Rawlplug’s strategy, mission, and vision, all of which are reflected in Rawlplug’s other internal documents: Sustainable Management Systems Policy, Code of Ethics, Sustainable Purchasing Policy, as well as other regulations and guidelines (including those concerning fair competition, anti-corruption or conflict of interest).

The principles collected in our code are intended to function as vectors, showing both us and our Suppliers paths for improving individual as well as joint operations. We intend to implement them together with our Suppliers, striving to make business ethics and corporate social responsibility an integral part of our relationships, on a par with innovation, quality and safety.

Paulina Pepel

Buyer at Rawlplug S.A.

What can you find in the Code of Conduct for Rawlplug’s Suppliers?

The Code of Conduct for Rawlplug’s Suppliers describes the minimum requirements extended towards Suppliers in terms of operations aligned with the values and principles of social responsibility and sustainability. Among its numerous goals, it is intended to:

  • establish transparent standards and good practices of conduct,
  • create a framework for constructive dialogue and acting for the benefit of all stakeholders, 
  • increase the quality of the products and services provided,
  • decrease the likelihood of ethical, social, and environmental risks associated with business operations,
  • enable implementation of the principles of corporate social responsibility in global supply chains.

The Code applies to all entities in Rawlplug’s supply chain, i.e. suppliers of goods and materials, service providers, as well as their subcontractors and intermediaries. It defines the requirements we set for our suppliers and the verification procedures we follow in areas such as: obligations towards employees and the law, climate and environment, confidentiality and personal data protection, fair competition, conflict of interest and anti-corruption, protection of assets and equipment, or sanctions.

Rawlplug is committed to fulfilling all the requirements included in the Code. At the same time, we expect suppliers to share our desire to deliver products and services of the highest quality, to treat all employees with respect and dignity, to provide safe working conditions, and to conduct our business operations in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner.

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