Runmageddon. Rawlplug’s fighting spirit [photo report]

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The weather: beautiful. The people: tough. The obstacles: extreme. Another edition of the Wrocław Runmageddon is over. In this unique competition, one’s individual result is often just as important as the support given to a teammate

It was tough and very, very warm. So much so that one of the most challenging obstacles on the course, a “dip” in icy water, brought temporary relief to many, despite the painful cramps caused by the sudden change in temperature. The participants finished the run sweaty, muddy and bruised, but happy. They were well aware that by crossing the finish line, they were also going beyond the limits of their own endurance. This, in fact, is always a very pleasant feeling.

The Rawlplug team performed brilliantly during the recent Runmageddon. Forty people turned up at the start and the same number finished the race. Fortunately, no serious injuries were recorded. Bruises, chafes and scratches don’t count. 

Who were the fastest participants? Veronika Hanzii and Mateusz Kosmalski – you were sensational, congratulations and thank you so much for the effort you put into the preparation and into the run. However, we owe a fist bump to all those who donned Rawlplug’s T-shirts that day. When you had to, you gritted your teeth and outdid yourselves to reach the finish line despite the whole fatigue. Whenever someone needed support, you extended a helping hand. Well done! See you next year. 

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