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Professional calculations for roof insulation – why are they worth your while?

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Imagine running calculations of utmost accuracy that guarantee unlimited adjustability of fixings to the real-life needs of the moment, and – mark you – completely free of charge. There is a solution like that on the market.

Used by professionals all over the world, EasyFix is a free-of-charge program that comes in handy under any kind of construction project, always taking into account the individual requirements of a specific investment.  Based on a signature engineering method from Rawlplug – manufacturer of fixings and fasteners as well as power tools with more than a century of experience, the application makes it possible to design even the most complex anchoring systems while maintaining the highest safety standards (conformity with Eurocode 1995-1-1). 

It’s so simple: define your needs and run calculations 

The EasyFix program currently comprises five subject-specific categories: 

  • Anchors (modules: Concrete, Masonry, Balustrade, Resin Calculator); 
  • Concrete Structures (modules: Rebars, Concrete Overlay, Resin Calculator); 
  • Wind Calculation (modules: Roof Insulation, ETICS Facade, Roof Steel Sheet, Facade Steel Sheet, Roof Sandwich Panel, Facade Sandwich Panel); 
  • Road & Bridge (modules: Pavement Deck Anchor, Concrete Overlay, Balustrade, Lighting Pole, Noise Barrier, Resin Calculator); 
  • Wood Construction Screws (modules: General Connection, Side to Main Joist Connection, Support Reinforcement, Notch Reinforcement). 
EasyFix is a service dedicated to all our products. Using the application’s module of choice, you can perform highly specialised calculations on your own. It is noteworthy that the modules cooperate with one another. After geometry has been defined in one of them, a drawing can be imported to the remaining ones, enabling further calculations to be conducted on that basis.

Radosław Wdowiak

Consulting Engineer, Rawplug’s Technical Department

Each of the EasyFix modules is expanded on a regular basis, and Rawlplug’s Technical Support engineers continue to introduce innovations tailored to users’ needs. For instance, the Wind Calculation category has just received new modules dedicated to sheet metal and sandwich panel fixing.  

Flat roofs – a unique solution built in EasyFix 

One of the most popular EasyFix modules is Roof Insulation, used for numerous purposes, such as designing large-area halls and warehouses. It can be employed to design fixings intended for concrete, steel, and wood substrates by taking wind loads into account.

EasyFix allows you to define a model composed of adjacent objects of different height and any chosen shape. Being able to take the pitch of box profile sheet into account and design slopes and counter-slopes on the roof surface as well as the thickness of the insulation material with great detail, you can optimise your choice of the length and type of fixings. Another important feature allows the user to define wind zones and terrain categories based on built-in maps of many European countries.

Radosław Wdowiak

Consulting Engineer, Rawplug’s Technical Department

While calculations are being performed, the program selects fixings and fasteners against the wind uplift forces by following the ETAG 006 guidelines and the EN 1991-1-4 standard on wind actions. For every single calculation, the interaction with the roof sheathing is verified, which is of great importance in the context of the long-term use of the roof.

EasyFix offers a unique fixing optimisation feature. Not only does the program allow any chosen roof profile, but it also takes openings and slopes into account. By that means, the application produces calculations which meet both formal requirements, on the one hand, and individual contractors’ needs, on the other.

Radosław Wdowiak

Consulting Engineer, Rawplug’s Technical Department

EasyFix Blog. Program use – step by step

EasyFix stands for excellent performance, guaranteed by the vast expertise and experience of Rawlplug’s Technical Support engineers. They take care not only for the program development, but also make sure that – as complex and comprehensive as it is – the application remains intuitive and user-friendly. It is specifically for that purpose that they run a blog dedicated to each program category and module, as well as prepare tutorials to demonstrate individual features. All these materials, along with detailed information about the application, can be found on the Easy Fix website

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