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Rawlplug among TOP 50 Polish companies with global reach

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Rawlplug has joined the honourable circle of Polish businesses setting global trends. The list has been developed by one of Poland’s leading business weeklies, Wprost, along with the Polish Global Entrepreneurs Council.

Millions of users around the world, thousands of reference projects, everyday application on construction sites in all corners of the globe – these are the effects of the efforts undertaken by a multidisciplinary team of experts. 

Rawlplug S.A. is one of the global leaders in the construction industry. The company’s current position comes from a combination of two legacies: the old British brand of Rawlplug with more than 100 years of history and the Polish investor’s capital and vision. The recognisability of the distinguished brand, which patented the world’s first wall plug, rotary hammer, or mechanical anchor, among numerous other solutions, skyrocketed under the umbrella of its new owner – Koelner, which took it under its wings in 2005, leading to the incorporation of the Rawlplug S.A. group. The last 20 years have seen Rawlplug grow rapidly around the world to become the global leader in the sector of fixings, fasteners, and tools. The brand’s dynamic expansion results from its growth strategy based on unshaken pillars: innovation, technology, and performance.

The name Rawlplug now stands for efficient management and out-of-the-box development. Present on 5 continents and operating via 29 trade companies, the Group delivers its products to more than 100 countries worldwide, which has enabled it to take the leader’s position and become competitive towards the brands that used to be the strongest. This could not be possible without innovation-driven offering, the complementary nature of which is ensured by fixings and construction tools complemented by highly specialised services and training, delivered to ensure that customer needs are fully satisfied.  

The key to Rawlplug’s global success is the offering, always meeting the needs of local markets and addressing the various expectations of the construction sector around the world. We have already started counting our monthly production of construction fixings in billions of pieces, nearly 80% of which are shipped abroad. We are successively launching further trade companies and Rawlplug Academy centres outside Poland, offering not only high-quality products, but also expertise and technical assistance, tailored to the needs of local markets. We have also addressed them in our proprietary design software, taking the requirements of designers from all around the world into account.

Przemysław Tkaczyk

Sales Director

What showcases Rawlplug’s expansion strategy best, besides its innovative offering, is the ever-growing list of countries where we distribute, their number having reached 101 by the end of 2023. This also translates into hundreds of reference projects, including even the most demanding architectural endeavours and construction investments in almost every corner of the globe, and even beyond, since bolts manufactured by Rawlplug can be found in the Martian rover, but also in vehicles of the most acclaimed brands. 

In the said ranking, you can also find other globally competitive top Polish brands representing various industries, built with Polish capital, such as Maspex, Amica, CD Projekt, Ciech, Fakro, InPost, LPP, Oshee, Polpharma, Selena FM, or Synthos. 

Wprost – Polish opinion-forming social and political weekly, published since 1982, and one of the most frequently quoted media in Poland.

Polish Global Entrepreneurs Council (Rada Przedsiębiorców Globalnych) – association of employers with the most extensive experience and success in foreign expansion.

You can read the whole article here (translate to English): 50 Polish global companies. The rest of the world loves us because of these products

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