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Sales forces from Vietnam in training

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Stopping is never an option at Rawlplug Academy; there is always something going on here, also in the online sphere. We have just completed a series of intense training sessions for the new employees from Vietnam.

Known for its spectacular landscapes, that country truly inspires people to act, but just as importantly, it is one of the regions where our company continues to expand. Vietnam is also a place where you will meet people full of positive energy and generosity, and – mind you – we are ready to testify to that!

Products and much more

The series of online training sessions for the Vietnamese sales force was held between 9 and 19 January. All the meetings were moderated by Tomasz Hojka – Rawlplug Academy manager. The webinars were broken down into parts; in the first one, Tomek talked about the company’s history of more than 100 years as well as our organisational structure. The second and most important part comprised a training package concerning our product range. In the course of this module, our Vietnamese colleagues were given the opportunity to learn about Rawlplug’s ten main product categories

  1. Power tools
  2. Accessories
  3. Direct fastening systems
  4. Screws
  5. Mechanical anchors
  6. Bonded anchors
  7. Lightweight fixings
  8. Facade insulation fixings
  9. Roofing insulation fixings
  10. Foams

All this information is absolutely essential to fully understand the wide range of products offered by our company. During the training sessions, Rawlplug’s engineering team also discussed the services we deliver, such as on-site testing and design calculations. That allowed our new employees to get a full picture of the support options the company offers to the customers. This is the cornerstone of our operational policy and could by no means be overlooked in the training.

An equally important component of our offering is the software for designers, including EasyFix, making design calculations quick and accurate, BIM Rawlplug, intended for automatic implementation of models and technical drawings of fixings and fasteners, or Resin Consumption Calculator, which makes it easier for our customers to plan and purchase necessary materials. These tools are sure to help our employees to support the customers more effectively as well as to understand the full range of the services and products we offer.

Hands-on training at the Academy 

As important as theory is, we consider practice to be the priority at Rawlplug Academy. And it was no different this time. The newcomers had the opportunity to watch Tomasz in action, which is when he feels like a fish in water. During the training, Tomasz demonstrated some of our anchors in use: the infallible R-LX, the R-HPT throughbolts, as well as the UNO and 4ALL expansion anchors – the flagship solutions of our portfolio. The training sessions also included tests of installation foams, where their performance relative to temperature changes was checked. And these are only some of the practical aspects addressed during the virtual meetings. 

Vietnamese team growing stronger

The training for the Vietnamese sales force is the next step in the progressing development of the Asian team. Last November, Marcin Gorzala, who served as the Rawlplug Academy manager at that time, conducted a special training session for Cuong Hoang – the new head of regional sales who had already set very specific goals for himself. The first of them involved the choice of strategic products: bonded anchors and frame fixings, in the first place. This is what Marcin admitted at the time:

Cuong is fully prepared for the role he has been assigned. I am confident that the team of co-workers he is about to build will make the most of the great potential at hand and leave a clear mark on the local market.

Marcin Gorzała

Rawlplug Academy Manager

We are glad that we did not have to wait long for first updates in this respect. You can read more about it in our blog article “Rawlplug Academy training in Vietnam

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