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Rawlplug Academy training in Vietnam

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Our expert’s visit to Asia was no coincidence. The tailored training scheme was prepared specifically to address the needs of the region’s new head of sales. Welcome aboard, Cuong Hoang!

Cuong is an ambitious 30-year-old with a wealth of knowledge and experience related to such matters as, for instance, flat roofs and flat roof insulation. His job at Rawlplug Vietnam will be to build up the sales team. The training he attended will certainly help him to achieve his goal.

Marcin Gorzała

Rawlplug Academy Manage

Marcin Gorzała and Cuong Hoang during the training.
Marcin Gorzała and Cuong Hoang during the training.

Anchors, fixings, installation

Cuong’s onboarding started with a series of meetings with his supervisor, Jean-Michel Puech from Rawlplug France. Next, it was Marcin Gorzała who took the new Vietnam’s sales manager under his wings. As part of the first training step, both gentlemen spent three days at the Vietnamese manufacturing plant managed by Kenneth Fabella. The matters they discussed at that time included mechanical and bonded anchors, frame fixings, direct fixing solutions, lightweight fixings, and flat roofs.

“But that’s not all,” Marcin says. “Given the nature of Cuong’s job, we talked a lot about the specific moment in time when it is worth taking an interest in investments, or how to function and build relationships on site according to the standards to which Rawlplug has accustomed its customers worldwide.”

Professional RA training is not only practice, but also theory.
Professional RA training is not only practice, but also theory.

How to grow sales?

Following the theoretical part, it was time for hands-on training. Marcin and Cuong paid visit to their first customers together, entered the largest construction sites in Vietnam and partners. Wherever they showed up (e.g. at LEGO Vietnam, Mapei Vietnam, Knauf Vietnam, TLC Mod) the demonstrated our products, including power tools and membranes with roof fixings.

“The reception we were offered everywhere was sensational, which should be interpreted as a good omen for the growth of sales of Rawlplug-branded products in Asia,” says Marcin Gorzała. “Cuong is fully prepared for the role he has been given. I am confident that the team he is about to build around him will tap their enormous potential and leave a clear mark on the local market.”

Marcin and Cuong visited some of the largest construction sites in Vietnam.
Marcin and Cuong visited some of the largest construction sites in Vietnam.

European quality standard: products and customer service

Cuong Hoang has the right education (he is a civil engineer and holds an internationally recognised MBA certificate) and experience in construction, management, and sales growth (he worked at Mapei Vietnam for more than six years) to meet the challenge. He feels like a fish in water when working with investors, designers, consultants, contractors, and subcontractors.

I have set myself specific goals at my new position. The first pertains to the retail market and involves selecting strategic products, such as the KER-II-S bonded anchor or frame fixings, that will help us increase brand recognition and reach the customer. I want Rawlplug to be present in all construction material stores in Vietnam.

Cuong Hoang

National Sales Manager Vietnam

“Goal two,” Cuong continues, “is to be active in the project market, which will account for more than 80 per cent of our sales. In this domain, we will focus on providing technical solutions, emphasising the diversity of our product range, but also the European standard of quality related not only to products but also to customer service.”

Rawlplug Vietnam getting stronger

Growing staff, regular training, improving competences, and new processes being implemented – Rawlplug’s youngest production site has been a model for growth, which numerous accomplishments prove, including the recent audit which confirmed that the system we have deployed in Asia meets all the relevant Factory Production Control requirements. The next step will be to continue working on the standardisation of management systems as well as the certification and implementation of the ISO-9001 Quality Management standard, scheduled for early 2024.

You can read more about Rawlplug Vietnam HERE.

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