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Rawlplug Academy. Look who dropped in! [photo report]

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Some time ago, we announced the official launch of the Rawlplug Academy Junior project, and we kept our word. The first workshop, held at the company’s headquarters in Wrocław, was a great success.

As a reminder: when extending Rawlplug Academy’s training offer, we decided to launch special classes for vocational and technical school students. The premise is simple enough: training is to take place regularly, off-site and on-site, within small groups from selected schools. This will enable us to pass on as much theoretical and practical knowledge as possible to our future colleagues and partners in the industry, because this is how we see the young people interested in the workshops.

  • HERE you can find out more about Rawlplug Academy Junior and sign up for the programme. 


Student training under the guidance of true experts

The first off-site Rawlplug Academy courses were held at the Centre for Practical Education and Lifelong Learning in Góra, and a group of students from that school paid us a return visit a few days ago.

The agenda included meeting up, followed by a short theoretical warm-up at the Academy’s headquarters, and then everyone’s favourite part: a tour of Rawlplug's Manufacturing Plant in Wrocław (sensationally narrated by Wacław Chochoł, Production Controlling Manager, who had some time reserved for us) and practical activities at RA’s “training ground”, using our flagship products and power tools, led by our trainers and the people behind the idea of RA Junior, Artur Łuczaj and Dariusz Orłowski.

What to do after leaving school? Work with Rawlplug, of course

What was the response of the students from Góra like? Fantastic. 17-year-old Amelia (year 4 of secondary school, specialisation profile: construction technician, just like all her classmates) declared her desire to work with Rawlplug already at the Tool Shop and did not change her mind until the end of the mini-tour of the Wrocław Plant (you’re most welcome to join us, take a look at our current job offers HERE). In addition to the Tool Shop, we visited the neighbouring Fitting Shop and the Mixing and Filling Department, among other places. We also got a sneak peek at assembly and packaging, accompanied nearly throughout nearly the whole tour by AGVs, the new unmanned forklifts.

Power tools (including drill-drivers and, inevitably, nailers) and Rawlplug's products (such as the UNO universal plug) tested under field conditions impressed even students with more practical experience. A bit of healthy rivalry was provided by the competitions prepared by Darek and Artur, won by 17-year-old Gabryś and Piotrek (both in Year 4) and 15-year-old Adrian (Year 2). Everyone’s good mood was in turn guaranteed by our friendly chatterbox, 15-year-old Bożydar (also Year 2).

Enough words – let the pictures tell the story. While encouraging you to browse through our photo report, we are keeping our fingers firmly crossed hoping that the next Rawlplug Academy Junior workshop, to take place in 2024, will turn out at least as well as the first two meetings with the young people from Góra.

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