Rawlplug supporting ŚWIT – Wrocław’s Deaf Sports Club

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For many years, we have regularly provided financial support to local sports initiatives, and not only clubs such as WKS, Panthers Wrocław, or WKK (Wrocław Basketball Club), but also the Wrocław ŚWIT Deaf Sports Club.

As an organisation and a family business operating for many decades (formerly under the business name of Koelner), Rawlplug has enjoyed a long history of involvement in local sports. This is one of the ways in which we pursue our sustainability goals.

ŚWIT – the only such sports club in Lower Silesia

Klub Sportowy Głuchych ŚWIT (which translates as the Dawn Deaf Sports Club) is the original name which dates back to 1925 when the club was founded in Lviv as one of the very first organisations of this kind in Poland. After World War II, it was first moved to Wrocław to function under the name Wrocławski Klub Sportowy Głuchych ŚWIT, and in 1952, it was closed down and incorporated into the Polish Association of the Deaf. In 1992, it was officially registered as an independent sports association, while in 2001, it was renamed into Wrocławski Klub Sportowy Niesłyszących ŚWIT.

It is currently the only such club in the whole of Lower Silesia, which is all the more a reason for us to support it, and we are happy to keep track of its achievements. The club runs numerous sections dedicated to disciplines such as:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Athletics
  • Alpine skiing
  • Speed chess
  • Swimming

ŚWIT is not only involved in the organisation of sports events, as well as promotion of and support for the development of deaf sports, but has also been very successful at national and international competitions. We have been closely following their track record and they make us burst with pride!

Achievements of Wrocław’s Deaf Sports Club

The successes accomplished by the Wrocław ŚWIT Deaf Sports Club’s athletes in 2023 include 117 medals (Polish Deaf Championships): 24 gold, 41 silver, and 52 bronze (won in basketball, volleyball, football, swimming, athletics, table tennis, and alpine skiing). It should also be added that ŚWIT won 36 medals, including 17 gold, 9 silver, and 10 bronze, in the Deaf Young Athletes Tournament in swimming and athletics, and 38 medals (14 gold, 14 silver, and 10 bronze) in the International Deaf Swimming Meeting.

In all of 2023, our athletes won 165 medals; two years ago, they won 148 medals, and three years ago – 106 medals. Our sports club, ŚWIT Wrocław, is affiliated with the Polish Association of Deaf Sports.

Maciej Jacyna 

President of WKSN ŚWIT

Here are only some of ŚWIT’s past successes:

  • Polish Deaf Women’s Basketball Championship,
  • Polish Deaf 3x3 Women’s Basketball Championship,
  • Polish Deaf Men’s Basketball Championship,
  • Polish Deaf Under 23 Men’s Basketball Championship,
  • Polish Deaf Women’s Volleyball Championship,
  • Polish Deaf Women’s Beach Volleyball Championship,
  • Polish Deaf Senior’s (over 35) Volleyball Vice-championship,
  • Polish Deaf Senior’s (over 35) Futsal Vice-championship,
  • Polish Deaf Indoor Athletic Championships – gold medal: Michał Wojciechowski – 1, 
  • Polish Deaf Athletic Championships – gold medal: Michał Wojciechowski – 1,
  • Polish Deaf Swimming Championships – gold medals: Konrad Powroźnik – 5, Szymon Dorada – 3, Weronika Nowicka – 1, Natalia Dobrowolska – 1,
  • Polish Deaf Alpine Skiing Championships – gold medals: Aleksandra Andrejko – 4, Bruno Łukaszyk – 2.


Good to know

In November 2023, the basketball players of the Wrocław Deaf Sports Club ŚWIT won the gold medal in the Deaf Europe Club Cup in Bursa (Turkey). And this is the second time! They won their first gold medal in this competition in 2017. This is a huge achievement!

Rawlplug’s support behind the success of ŚWIT

We have always been close to sports, especially basketball, but our business history is also closely linked with support for socially important initiatives as well as maximum involvement in local projects. We employ diverse people at our facilities, including the deaf or hard of hearing, and we make sure that the words Rawlplug and sustainability truly have a lot in common.

We support the Wrocław ŚWIT Deaf Sports Club financially as they enter major competitions and implement projects. We help them achieve success at the most important tournaments and co-finance trips. We believe that this is one of the ways in which we can somehow take part in the beautiful life of the sports community, aiding deaf persons in pursuing their passions and, above all, making sure that they do not feel excluded.

The parties which support WKSN ŚWIT, besides Rawlplug, include a number of institutions, organisations, foundations, and businesses, such as: Wrocław Municipality, Ministry of Sport and Tourism, Lower Silesian Regional Government, or HASCO-LEK Foundation.

Find out more about Rawlplug’s other initiatives.

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