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Yves-du-Manoir Stadium

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There are very few sports facilities which can boast such a long and impressive history as Yves-du-Manoir near Paris. We are extremely happy at Rawlplug to have just become a part of it.

Every cinephile, regardless of age, is surely familiar with the film Chariots of Fire, typically associated with its unforgettable music score composed by Vangelis. The multiple award (including four Oscars) winning British film of 1981 tells the story of the Olympic Games rivalry between two runners who could not be more different persons, except that they both desire gold in Paris. Interestingly, the race depicted in Chariots of Fire actually took place just outside Paris, at Yves-du-Manoir, at the 1924 summer Olympic Games.

The stadium itself surely deserves a separate film, if only for the fact that it is the only venue in France that will soon serve as an Olympic arena for the second time in its history during the 2024 Olympic Games – precisely 100 years after the events commemorated in Chariots of Fire. Over the past century, the Parisian commune of Colombes has hosted approximately 250 national and international sports events. It has witnessed not only runners competing for the highest stakes there, but also footballers, rugby players, as well as boxers, soon to be joined by hockey players.

This obviously would not have been possible without a number of investments, continuous renovation efforts, and extension projects. Currently capable of accommodating 15,000 spectators, the stadium has also been upgraded in anticipation of the Olympic Games scheduled for the summer of 2024, and importantly, the investment plans do not end there. Yves-du-Manoir will continue to serve local communities, including students of different levels, even after the Olympic Games end.

Some of Rawlplug’s products used during the renovation works include the R-KEM-II bonded anchors paired with the A4 Studs.

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