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New Rawlplug product – the R-HPTIII throughbolt

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The R-HPTIII, which is hitting the market right now, represents the third generation of throughbolts.

Throughbolts are among Rawlplug’s flagship products. The advantages of this fixing type include the wide range of applications, high corrosion resistance, and the possibility of anchoring at different depths. The R-HPTIII, which is hitting the market right now, represents the third generation of throughbolts. It is a product intended for professional use, improving performance and ensuring top load carrying capacity.   

R-HPTIII throughbolt – types

The new R-HPTIII throughbolt comes in two versions:

  • A4 stainless steel,
  • zinc-plated (ZP) carbon steel.

The range includes R-HPTIII anchors in a variety of diameters and lengths, making it possible to match the fixing type perfectly to individual installation needs and load type.

Variable anchoring depth – better performance and excellent load capacity

The R-HPTIII throughbolt is designed to enable the user to adjust the anchoring depth depending on the load or thickness of the element to be fixed. The embedment depth can be adjusted in 1 mm increments, which makes it possible to use the product’s high potential to the fullest extent.

With the R-HPTIII, anchoring depth can be shallower with equally high load carrying capacity. Installing anchors in shallower holes translates into better performance and work efficiency, especially for installation in series. The depth marker placed on the pin facilitates installation, ensuring maximum precision.

R-HPTIII throughbolt – key features

R-HPTIII is a throughbolt designed for use in cracked and non-cracked C20/25-C50/60 concrete, as confirmed by the ETA-21/1082 technical assessment. The product is suitable for use in reinforced and non-reinforced concrete and natural stone after testing. What else makes our latest product stand out?

  • Adjustable installation depth.
  • High load capacity in cracked and non-cracked concrete.
  • Simple installation using an SDS setting tool, translating into comfort and speed of work.
  • Wide range of applications, including installation of ventilated facades, railings, handrails, steel structures, and balustrades.
  • Adaptation of the product for the installation of steel, aluminium and timber components.
  • Possibility of installation at short distances from edges and other anchors.
  • Optimised cone shape, increasing the angle of attack of the expander on the substrate.
  • Compatibility with two types of washers: DIN 125 and DIN 9021.
  • Application specification in accordance with EAD 330232-01-0601.
  • Fire resistance R30-R120.
  • Corrosion class C1-C5.

Calculation support. Check out the EasyFix application

Rawlplug’s comprehensive offering includes not only a wide range of fixings, fasteners and power tools, but also professional training and technical support. The product portfolio is supplemented by the EasyFix application, allowing users to perform design calculations themselves.

The calculations performed in EasyFix are based on European documentation (ETA), which makes it possible to design safe and durable connections in accordance with the standards and technical assessments currently in force. With the launch of the new throughbolt, we have added the necessary data to the EasyFix software to enable calculations using the R-HPTIII and to adjust the number and type of fixings to the user’s needs.

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