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R-HLX concrete screw officially approved for seismic and fire resistance

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No matter how rigorous the assessments or how detailed and stringent the tests of independent institutions are, our concrete screw has ticked all the boxes and has been approved under ETA 23/0707, following seismic testing for categories C1–C2 and fire resistance testing for up to 120 minutes.

Supplementary tests covered by a relevant approval confirm compliance with stringent industry standards. They indicate that a given product has been scrupulously tested and assessed by independent bodies. 

Having passed both seismic and fire resistance tests, the R-HLX concrete screws has been officially approved for use in development projects performed in areas of seismic activity as well as in structures which require load bearing capacity under fire conditions. And since the product has also passed the VdS certification, we recommend it for fire protection systems in earthquake-prone regions

R-HLX concrete screws are one of our many products in our range of VDS-certified mechanical anchors. Find out more in the article VdS certification of Rawlplug’s mechanical anchors.

How does the R-HLX benefit from the seismic and fire resistance testing?

The latest approvals maximise the range of applications for which the innovative R-HLX screws are considered suitable. With the additional tests covered by the approval, the R-HLX screws can be used in areas of seismic activity as well as in fire protection systems around the world. 

Earthquakes occur in specific regions of the globe

  • Europe:  Albania, Greece, Italy, Romania, Turkey, and other Balkan countries. In this respect, European legislation distinguishes between two certification levels: C1 and C2, which are also endorsed by many countries around the world.
    Seismic C1 – lower safety level
    Seismic C2 – higher safety level
  • Alpine and Himalayan region: the Himalayas, Tibet, the Alps, the Apennine Peninsula, the Balkans.
  • Circumpacific Belt: coasts of the Americas, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Fiji Islands, Samoa, Tonga, New Zealand.

Fire protection systems, on the other hand, including sprinkler systems, but also structural components, require secure fixing in the event of fire and high temperatures, and that rule applies worldwide. 

R-HLX screws in flake zinc with hexagonal head.

Coming soon: seismic pad 

In cases of strong earthquakes, built features can be exposed to varying conditions which may cause damage or even collapse. For improved optimisation of fixings, we recommend using the R-HLX in combination with a filler pad (soon on the offer) which improves the stability of connections, resulting in increased safety for buildings and their residents. 

Optimal load transfer can be achieved by using the pad and filling the ring-shaped gap. Such solutions prove particularly important not only in seismic applications, but also where direct shear forces must be taken into account. 

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