Rawlplug already on board with the European Tool Association

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The CEO brings together 180 member companies with combined annual sales of – give or take – 4 billion euros. And we have been a part of this elite group since July.

The prestigious European Tool Association (CEO) creates and maintains the best attainable competitive conditions for the European manufacturers of tools and fixing solutions under the following categories:

  • hand tools;
  • tools for woodworking;
  • saws for metalworking;
  • construction tools and fixings

In pursuit of that mission, the Association sets its sights on the Old Continent. The member companies conduct research activities and plan their development based on Europe. The same, by the way, pertains to production. More than 40 per cent of the tools and fixings manufactured by the CEO members must be of European origin.

This matches perfectly our business model, as we mainly manufacture in Poland. And given the recent reshuffle in the market, the slogan Made in Poland is rightly associated with specific values, such as quality, strength, durability, and safety.

Wojciech Linkowski

Rawlplug's Technical Support Leader

Why do we need CEO? 

Benefits of membership of the European Tool Association for its companies:

  • representation of the interests of the European tool industry (including the sector of fixings) before official organisations and authorities across Europe, outside Europe, as well as before the general public;
  • access to any information that is relevant to companies;
  • access to statistics enabling the actual business situation to be analysed;
  • regular contacts maintained between member companies, aimed at experience and information exchange.

The CEO also stands for the highest standards of quality and safety as well as respect for local communities and the environment (including fair trade, Europe-based jobs, responsible resource management), all of which fit perfectly with Rawlplug’s strategy and sustainability policy.

Objective: Construction Fixings Europe 

Affiliated with the CEO is another association – Construction Fixings Europe (CFE), dedicated specifically to fixing solutions. Its overarching goal is to represent Europe’s leading manufacturers of: 

  • metal, plastic, and bonded anchors;
  • direct (powder-actuated) fastening systems;
  • drills for concrete and masonry.

“It’s no secret fact that membership in the CFE has been our priority at this stage,” says Wojciech Linkowski. “The process of accessing both organisations – CEO and CFE – began last November. Since that time, we have completed all formal, legal, and business procedures.”  

In June, during a meeting with the CEO’s board, Przemysław Tkaczyk, Rawlplug’s Sales Director, presented Rawlplug’s current operations and business vision, while Marian Bober, Technical Support Director, together with Wojciech Linkowski talked about technical aspects and proposals for the cooperation at the working group level.

That meeting really crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s. Together, we agreed that Rawlplug’s overarching goals and values, such as safety on construction sites attributable to the quality of European manufacture, are perfectly matched with the general mission of the CEO. At the end of July, we received an unconditional confirmation of our incorporation into the European Tool Association (CEO), which automatically and instantaneously opened the path for us to join the CFE (Construction Fixings Europe), the latter organisation being focused directly on the area of fixings, which we obviously consider a priority.

Wojciech Linkowski

Rawlplug's Technical Support Leader

Why the CFE? 

Simply because it promotes innovative and safe construction fixing solutions, advocates worldwide harmonisation of assessment methods (also covering the US, China, and Australia), makes sure that the CE marking and the ETA references are used correctly in advertising, and that innovative products covered by new ETA certificates find their way to the market as quickly as possible, and fights for a level playing field for European manufacturers, regardless of the scale of their operations, representing their interests in the following bodies:

  • Construction Products Europe (CPE);
  • EOTA WG 001, 014, 020, and 029;
  • the CEN committees and working groups;
  • the RKO ORGALIME task force.

“In practice, all of this means a lot for us, including access to the most up-to-date information about the market of fixings and tools, and consequently gives us the opportunity to react adequately to changes in trends and regulations even faster,” Wojciech Linkowski explains. “This package also comprises access to statistical information about the real-life situation in the business which, in turn, will support the pursuit of the development targets set for our product groups.”

The exchange of experience and expertise between the largest manufacturers in Europe is truly priceless, and it consistently strengthens the international position of all the association’s members.

We can be sure that the interests of the European tool industry, including the sector of fixings and fasteners, will be duly represented before official organisations and authorities in Europe, and that gives us extremely valuable insight into the creation of global policies for construction products, including through participation in working groups for technical regulations, where we hold the right to share comments and submit our own proposals.

Wojciech Linkowski

Rawlplug's Technical Support Leader

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