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The new application implemented at Rawlplug in Wrocław improves the management of safety data sheets, thereby increasing employee safety. It also allows us to respond to environmental emergencies more quickly and effectively.

New app is a safety data sheet (SDS) register and a set of tools enabling comprehensive management of chemical compounds (in compliance with REACH, CLP, and the applicable Polish EIA and OHS regulations). The program’s main features are:

  • mixture composition analysis,
  • SDS summary maker,
  • chemical risk assessments,
  • label maker, 
  • emission calculator, 
  • validation module.

Very extensive, and yet intuitive and user-friendly, the application provides a comprehensive alternative to manually created tables, registers, files, and documents, saving the time spent on preparing documentation and facilitating access to the information considered crucial for employee and environment safety.

Safety data sheet repository – comfort and safety

New implementation provides administrators with a great deal of flexibility. They can use the thousands of safety data sheets available in the application’s repository, but also import missing mixtures into registers and customise the interface to best match the needs of the company and its employees. 

This is precisely why we attach great importance to SDS summaries. Our managers have let us know that this format – used to provide the most important information along with links to the full data sheet content – is what they and their employees consider to be most convenient.

Małgorzata Ginter

Environmental Protection Specialist with the EHS department

How to dispose of chemicals? Instructions at hand

Access to an up-to-date database of safety data sheets is a legal requirement, arising from both the REACH regulation (EU law governing the safe use of chemicals) and the domestic Labour Code.

When collected in one place, and rendered available in a clear and transparent manner, for instance as pictograms, data on chemicals allow you to select adequate personal protective equipment, indicate the correct use of a given substance, and define the appropriate behaviour in the event of an emergency, i.e. a threat to the life of an employee or to the environment, as well as the method of storage or disposal. They also make it possible to generate labels required by law, e.g. when a substance is to be stored in a temporary container.

Małgorzata Ginter

Environmental Protection Specialist

Data for reports, including the Sustainability Report

The above scope of use is not only important in areas such as R&D, Production, and Warehousing.  Safety data sheets are also indispensable to the experts in charge of environmental protection (also in the context of Rawlplug’s Sustainability Strategy) or occupational health and safety.

They allow us to quickly extract data required – among other purposes – for the reports of the National Centre for Emissions Management based on the consumption of VOC (volatile organic compounds) containing mixtures.

Małgorzata Ginter

Environmental Protection Specialist

Access to the app has been granted to each operational area that comes into contact with chemicals, so that every employee can ultimately use the required safety data sheets.

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