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EasyFix program update to version 4.10.2 - new features

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The new version of EasyFix software in release 4.10.2 brings more new features and improvements for designers. Check out what we have added and test the performance of our proprietary software!

EasyFix is our proprietary program that allows you to perform specialized, precise calculations. We have just prepared its latest version.

Learn all the capabilities of EasyFix with accessible video tutorials. Visit our YT channel and check out 

Seismic and fire calculations in the REBAR module of the EasyFix program

We have expanded our proprietary EasyFix application with another highly specialised computational feature – seismic and fire load calculations for designing of structural rebar fixings.    

With the new calculation capabilities, the module used to design structural rebar joints with bonded anchors has just become even more powerful and versatile. The new features will make it possible to enter new markets where seismic engineering aspects of structural design are considered extremely important from the perspective of service life and operating safety.

SPAIN – new region for wind load design

The Wind Calculation category has been extended with guidelines and maps conforming with the regional regulations applicable in Spain. 

From now on, it is possible to design fixings for sheet metal and panels, roofs and facades, as well as mechanical fixings for the ETICS solutions in line with the national guidelines approved in Spain.

Additionally, the Wind Calculation category modules have received new features dedicated to designing structures and supports for lightweight cladding fixed on roofs and facades.

A preview of the functionality of the Wind Calculation module.

New computational systems for the design of plinth anchors

The Plinth Anchor module has been extended with new functional layouts. The idea for this modification sparked from the cooperation with our Czech and Slovak subsidiaries, struggling with the problem of inadequate representation of on-site conditions in the designs developed using EasyFix. Following the software extension, our calculations will reflect the actual state of structures more accurately.  

A preview of the work in the Pavement deck anchor module.

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