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Procut wood construction screws now supported by EasyFix

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Rawlplug’s proprietary application has just received another specialised calculation category – Wood construction screws.

Enabling high-precision calculations to be performed in real time, the free-of-charge EasyFix application allows users to adapt the parameters of fixings and fixtures to the real-life needs at hand. The software uses Rawlplug’s signature engineering method based on the latest international guidelines as well as long years of experience and research of our experts, making it possible to design even the most complex anchoring systems. The compliance of the calculations with Eurocode 1995-1-1 is a guarantee of the highest safety standards.

Continuously updated by Rawlplug’s Technical Support engineers, the EasyFix software currently consists of five area-specific categories:

  • Anchors
  • Post-installed rebar
  • Wind  calculations
  • Roads and  bridges
  • Wood construction  screws
We are determined to provide our customers with comprehensive service, which is why we never just offer a product alone. And we follow the same philosophy in this case. The new Wood construction screws category supports the Procut range of screws which we have recently placed on the market. We have been very consistent in our efforts, and so the Technical Support department, headed by Marian Bober, and supported by the IT department’s programmers, have been developing the program for years, parallel to the expansion of Rawlplug’s portfolio.

Radosław Wdowiak

Rawlplug’s Technical Support

Which screws for wood? How to drive screws? Ask EasyFix

Using the new EasyFix category, the app users can easily optimise their project and avoid unnecessary investment. All they need to do is select a layout and the program will calculate the right number of screws and indicate their optimal distribution.

Right from the start, the Wood construction screws category offers the following four modules:

  • General connection – most typical connections between two wooden elements or between steel and wooden elements
  • Side to main joist connection – specific arrangement of joined elements, e.g. floor beams
  • and two other modules – Support reinforcement and Notch reinforcement – where the screw is not used as a connecting piece, but as an element that reinforces an existing or planned wooden structure.
In the latter module, our full-threaded Procut screws perform reinforcement functions. The EasyFix predefines specific calculation profiles so that the fixing itself can improve the parameters of the wooden element while reducing the risk of crushing or splitting.

Radosław Wdowiak

Rawlplug's Technical Support

Similarly to all other EasyFix categories, Wood Screws will also be expanded in the future with further modules, layouts and dedicated solutions.

Similarly to all other EasyFix categories, Wood Screws will also be expanded in the future with further modules, layouts and dedicated solutions.
Similarly to all other EasyFix categories, Wood Screws will also be expanded in the future with further modules, layouts and dedicated solutions.

Customer support also means support for R&D

As an integral part of Rawlplug’s Research and Development area, the Technical Support department makes an actual day-to-day impact on the continuous improvement of our products and on further innovations being added to the offering. The launch of the new EasyFix calculation category is also of great importance in this respect. 

Our contribution to the R&D is, first and foremost, the experience of all the Technical Support engineers, which they have acquired by participating in the implementation of hundreds of various designs which we receive every year from all over the world. The launch of this new tool will allow us to gather customer feedback on an even larger scale. It will make us smarter by helping us to learn about new needs and expectations, and this is exactly our target in terms of the development of both products and of the EasyFix software itself.

Radosław Wdowiak

Rawlplug's Technical Support

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