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Power tool service in Portugal and Spain – a new level unlocked!

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The turn of February and March was also a breakthrough in the history of Rawlplug Iberia. The positive change will be felt primarily by its customers, who can already use the newly launched power tool service.

Until now, in Iberia Rawlplug has been a sales-only company, and since 2022 it has also been a high competence  company. Thanks to the Rawlplug Academy branch in Porto, our regional offices which was linguistically prepared to serve Portuguese and Spanish customers, the company's offer has been expanded to include professional training for contractors and designers using our products. The beginning of 2024 marks another development change towards better and faster service to our customers.

Technical support for power tools – a big step in the development of services

Where did the idea for this project come from? Rawlplug Iberia operates under distinctive conditions. Portugal and Spain are countries where our power tools are particularly popular thanks to high service standards on site , with an emphasis on the fastening technology supported by the SC-40II fastening tools. Launching a local power tool service was therefore an obvious step on the way to acquiring customers and improving, dramatically the experience with Rawlplug. Now the service can be performed virtually immediately. 

For the Iberian Team, servicing power tools is a preparation for the next step in its development. The commissioned technical facilities will allow us to handle most of the standard challenges occurring in power tools. The company invested in the preparation of the workshop, and the head office provided the necessary training.

Arkadiusz Kaczorowski

Service Manager

Field service? See!

The Power Tools Service in Iberia is a 24 hour high service standard and an important step in the development on the Customer support. Trained service staff are in constant contact with their HQ colleagues, improving their knowledge and gaining experience during practical training.

A service technician will also be able to provide knowledge on simpler maintenance tasks – e.g. cleaning and troubleshooting – to sales representatives so that they can support the customer directly on site using Rawlplug solutions. 

Read about power tool service centre in Romania, operating as a mobile unit, representing the highest level of evolution of our technical support services. 

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