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A way to install plasterboard faster

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If you want to install plasterboard panels more quickly and comfortably, simply use professional tools such as the SC40II gas powered nailer or the R-PDS18 screwdriver from Rawlplug.

Plasterboard is one of the most versatile materials used in renovation and construction work. You can build various structures using plasterboard, including partition walls, suspended ceilings, fireproofing or acoustic screening elements.  

Working with plasterboard is much easier than with plaster itself, and the material offers great versatility in terms of application. Plasterboard is lightweight and can be easily cut to the required shape; it is characterised by a perfectly smooth surface and insulating properties. Selected types of plasterboard are resistant to fire or moisture. However, the most important thing about plasterboard panels is that they are particularly convenient and quick to install. Especially if you use professional tools designed for this purpose.

High-speed drywall profile fixing to walls using the SC40II nailer from Rawlplug

The construction of a partition wall made of plasterboard panels should begin with the installation of steel profiles. In order to fix them to concrete, you can use either conventional hammer-in fixings or a tool designed for professionals, such as the SC40II nailer from Rawlplug.

Osadzak gazowy Rawlplug SC40II
Rawlplug’s SC40II gas powered nailer

Using this device, you can quickly set nails, one by one, directly in concrete or steel substrate. The nailer allows you to work without producing any dust, since no hole drilling and cleaning is required. This is precisely what also makes the installation of profiles much faster and more convenient. Have a look at a video demonstrating how it is possible for you to speed up your work sixfold and drive as many as six nails in 20 seconds, which is approximately the time needed to install one hammer-in fixing!

Montuj profile do płyt g-k do 6 razy szybciej

Rawlplug’s SC40II nailer is a gas-powered cordless tool featuring a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The device’s battery level indicator allows you to accurately plan your working time and avoid unexpected downtime.

The nailer’s magazine can hold 30 pins ranging from 15 to 38 mm in length, which makes it so versatile in use. The tool’s design improves the visual quality of installation work and makes it significantly faster. The built-in foot allows you to easily measure off equal distances between consecutive fasteners. Thanks to low weight (3.5 kg), low thrust, and reduced recoil, the device offers greater working comfort, even when operated with one hand. This proves particularly important when fixing profiles to concrete ceilings.

Osadzak gazowy Rawlplug SC40II – sposób działania
SC40II gas powered nailer from Rawlplug – how it works

The SC40II nailer from Rawlplug features a keyless embedment depth adjustment system, which ensures high-precision fixing. Since both the nailer’s barrel and magazine can be easily removed, you can clean the tool yourself without any hassle. This allows you to keep the device fully operational for a long time and reduce the nailer’s operating costs, and guarantees fully professional installation outcomes every time you use it.

Osadzak gazowy Rawlplug SC40II
Rawlplug’s SC40II gas powered nailer

Fixing plasterboard panels to pre-installed profiles. Fix more quickly and conveniently with the R-PDS18 screwdriver

Once all the profiles have been installed, you proceed to plasterboard fixing. For this purpose, you can use a conventional screwdriver and phosphated screws, or reach for a professional tool – the R-PDS18 drywall screwdriver from Rawlplug which comes with dedicated collated screws. Depending on what you need, there are screws intended for aluminium or wooden profiles.

Wkrętarka do płyt gipsowo-kartonowych Rawlplug R-PDS18
Rawlplug’s R-PDS18 screwdriver for drywall applications

The R-PDS18 proves very helpful when working in plasterboard, regardless of how seasoned the installer is. The device is easy to handle and makes fixing significantly faster. It allows you to drive 20 screws in less than 20 seconds. The tool is lightweight and compact in design, making prolonged installation work easier and preventing fatigue. The sequential screw driving feeder, included in the tool set, features a large shoe which makes it possible to adjust the embedment depth of screws and to set them flush with the plasterboard surface, reducing the risk of panel damage. With the hexagonal ¼-inch inner tool holder, it enables quick bit fitting.

Wkrętarka do płyt gipsowo-kartonowych Rawlplug R-PDS18
Rawlplug’s R-PDS18 screwdriver for drywall applications

The R-PDS18 makes installation of plasterboard panels faster and easier, plus it enhances your safety while working. The switch lock button facilitates sequential screwing, especially in ceilings. The rubberised and profiled handle, on the other hand, ensures firm and secure tool grip, even with one hand. And since you can turn the feeder to set it in a chosen position, you can easily access places otherwise difficult to reach and drive screws comfortably, also near the floor or ceiling.

The R-PDS18 is compatible with the Rawlplug 18V battery system. You can buy the device in a stand-alone version or in a set featuring two batteries and the RawlCase which makes it significantly easier to store the screwdriver along with all accessories.

Rawlplug R-PDS18 w zestawie z akumulatorem i walizką
Rawlplug’s R-PDS18 drywall screwdriver set with a battery and a case included

Rawlplug tools. For quick and convenient installation of plasterboard panels

You can make the construction of drywall partitions so much faster and more convenient. All you need to do is pick the right tools, designed with the needs of professionals in mind. Rawlplug is a Polish company with a global reach, founded on more than 100 years of tradition and experience. So the choice of Rawlplug’s products for an installation job comes with a certainty that you are using the best solutions.


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