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What is the new RawlWRENCH impact driver designed for?

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Rawlplug’s latest addition to the range of battery-powered impact drivers is both a very compact and very powerful device. Designed for professional applications and fixing in series, thanks to its low weight, it provides great comfort, even in prolonged use.

What is the R-PID18-315 impact driver intended for?

Here are some general applications of impact drivers:

  • installation and dismantling of car wheels,
  • assembly of furniture,
  • assembly of wooden structures.

Drill driver or driver – what to choose?

Impact drivers are often, yet incorrectly, taken for impact drill drivers. Generally speaking, drill drivers can also be used for similar purposes as impact drivers, but in fact, they are up to 3 times less powerful than the latter.

What is an impact driver actually for?

An impact driver usually does the job where a typical drill driver proves too weak. You can use it for jobs such as these:

  • screwing and unscrewing bolts and screws in hard materials, e.g. metal or concrete, which may require a higher torque and impact force (dynamic torque combined with peripheral impact),
  • installation of heavy structural components, e.g. metal beams or steel brackets,
  • as a standard – more demanding vehicle repair and maintenance work,
  • assembly of machinery, 
  • construction of wooden structures, e.g. timber frame houses,
  • repair and renovation work, e.g. removing tightly set or rusted bolts.
zakrętarka do pracy w drewnie
Among other things, the Rawlplug impact driver will be useful for screwing screws into wood.

Impact driver vs. impact wrench

An impact wrench is a device very similar to an impact driver, but it generates much higher torque and is used for bolts and nuts much greater in size and weight. Check out our impact wrenches, even more powerful than the drivers, and find out how to choose one for the job at hand.

R-PID18-315 18V cordless impact driver – features and applications

The main distinguishing features of the new RawlWRENCH series cordless impact driver include compact dimensions and low weight while delivering a very high power (given its class), being capable of producing a maximum torque of up to 315 Nm.

These characteristics make it one of the most ergonomic impact drivers available on the market. (We will soon prove it by benchmarking this model against competitive impact drivers of the same class.)

Another feature that makes the R-PID18-315 impact driver so unique is its versatility. With as many as 3 basic and 3 special operating modes, it is also suitable for drilling in wood and wood-based materials

The R-PID18-315 impact driver is refined in every design detail and features a sturdy body. Its powerful gearbox and impact mechanism generate high torque (up to 315 Nm), and combined with a high peripheral impact rate (up to 3,800 SPM) and a high rotational speed (up to 2,800 RPM), it manages remarkably well while used for driving construction screws, and specifically the R-HLX concrete screws (up to 8 mm in diameter). 

jaka zakrętarka

Main features and characteristics of our new 18V cordless impact driver

  • Multi-purpose chuck – 1/4” hexagonal driver bit holder and 1/2” square head socket shank for enhanced power tool application range.
  • Electronic speed range and drilling mode control system enabling the power tool parameters to be adjusted to specific applications.
  • Powerful brushless motor ensuring high mechanical efficiency.
  • Special mode for torque disabling, preventing damage to the base material surface while screwing.
  • Rubber-coated and ergonomically shaped handle for more secure grip and comfortable work.

Check out all the features and variants of the new battery-powered impact driver from Rawlplug.

What to use Rawlplug’s new impact driver for?

This RawlWRENCH model is primarily intended for the following applications:

• fixing battens and counter-battens,

• roof boarding,

• driving concrete screws,

• building frame house structures,

• building terraces and gazebos.

You can successfully use it to fix screws and bolts in substrates such as:

  • concrete,
  • reinforced concrete,
  • brick,
  • stone,
  • steel,
  • structural timber.

Choosing the right impact driver from Rawlplug

The previous R-PID18 model of the RawlWRENCH battery-powered impact driver is a slightly less sophisticated device, so you should go for it if you need a versatile power tool for professional work on less demanding installation jobs.

Our latest cordless impact driver is very handy, which makes it perfect for prolonged and heavy-duty work, while at the same time, it delivers much more torque.

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