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Choosing the right cutting disc

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The choice of a cutting disc should depend on the kind of installation job at hand and the substrate type. When it comes to professional construction work, diamond discs are always the best choice.

Find out what is unique about this product family and which blade will work best with individual construction materials.

Diamond technology makes it possible to cut base materials such as concrete, asphalt, stone, or brick with high efficiency and precision. Find out all there is to know about the advantages of diamond discs and which one to choose for specific applications.

The most important advantages of the diamond technology are:

  • high-precision cutting
  • reduced vibration during work, which prevents substrate micro-cracking 
  • smooth surfaces and regular edges maintained 
  • cutting speed 
  • high efficiency and safety at work 

Design of diamond discs

The body of high-quality diamond discs is made of steel or light metal alloys. As for the cutting section, diamond grain is mixed with metal powder acting as a binder. Next, a continuous or segmented rim is formed on the disc circumference by pressing and sintering or forging and welding. By that means, the disc acquires its excellent abrasive and/or cutting properties, making it suitable for even the hardest substrates.

Overview of Rawlplug’s range of diamond cutting discs

Rawlplug’s product portfolio includes several types of diamond cutting discs intended for diverse substrates and installation jobs:

RT-DDA disc for reinforced concrete

Featuring segmented coating and compensation notches, the disc is designed for cutting the hardest materials such as concrete, reinforced concrete, or paving stone. Its inner bore of 22.23 mm makes the disc compatible with all the angle grinders available on the market. The coated segments of thickness increased to 10 mm ensure longer service life, while the inter-segment notches provide optimised disc cooling, making work possible without the need for water. High-quality laser segment-to-disc bond improves product life, performance, safety, and comfort at work.

RT-DDB cutting disc for concrete  

Segmented cutting disc intended for concrete, hollow masonry units, brick, and other hard construction materials. Its inner bore of 22.23 mm in diameter makes the disc suitable for all angle grinder models. Thanks to 12 mm thick coating segments, the RT-DDB offers extended service life. Inter-segment notches are there for optimised disc cooling, enabling work without the need for water. Bonded with the disc by laser welding, the coating segments featuring evenly distributed diamond grain extend the product’s service life and deliver regular cutting performance.

RT-DDC diamond cutting disc for ceramic ware 

With its extra-small cross-section, the disc enables high-precision cutting of stoneware, terracotta, marble, and ceramic tiles. The inner bores of 22.23 and 25.4 mm in diameter make the disc suitable for all the available angle grinder and table cutter models. The high rim provides longer service life while the compensation notches ensure adequate disc cooling in operation and make it suitable for dry and wet cutting. Thanks to the high-quality rim-to-disc bonding, the product enjoys extended service life. 

RT-DDE cutting disc for a wide variety of materials 

The disc comes particularly handy when cutting aluminium, copper, and plastic. Its segment-coated rim prevents the disc from becoming stuck in the material, while the universal bore makes it compatible with all the angle grinders available on the market. The compensation notches and holes cool the disc and allow you to work without the need for water. The high-quality diamond coat-to-disc bonding improves the product life and cutting performance. 

RT-DDT diamond cutting disc for reinforced concrete applications 

Turbo type cutting disc intended for hard materials such as reinforced concrete, concrete, or paving stone. The RT-DDT is characterised by high mechanical strength, and it features coating of European diamond grain, which significantly increases the product’s service life and ensures even segment abrasion in operation. The RT-DDT is compatible with all angle grinders as well as table-type, hand-held internal combustion motor-powered, and travelling cutting machines available on the market. The cutting disc comes in as many as six diameter versions, allowing you to size the product for specific applications. The patented segment-to-disc bonding process reduces in-cutting vibration and increases operating safety. 

RT-DDW diamond cutting disc for wet concrete 

The product is compatible with table-type, hand-held internal combustion motor-powered, and travelling cutters. Thanks to the unique arrangement of the diamond coat segments along with the four vertical segments, it enables cutting of fresh concrete without the segments becoming damaged or stuck in the material. The high-quality laser bond between the disc and its segments extends product life and improves cutting performance. Our patented segment-to-core bonding process reduces vibration, increasing safety and efficiency.

RT-DDS diamond cutting disc for asphalt 

The product enables cutting of asphalt and other bituminous materials without the risk of the disc core damage. The laser-bonded diamond coat segments are arranged at two levels, which improves the disc’s service life and cutting performance. It abrades evenly thanks to the European diamond grain. The 25.4 mm bore and an additional power transmission hole make the RT-DDS suitable for use with all combustion motor-driven, hand-held, and travelling cutting machines. 

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