Rawlplug’s plugs used by the MIPIM Awards finalist!

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We are proud to announce that our fixings played a crucial role in the development of a state-of-the-art urban design project which has received international recognition, shortlisted as a finalist in the prestigious MIPIM Awards competition. This achievement highlights the value of collaboration!

Granaria, located on the historic Granary Island in the city of Gdańsk, represents a blend of modernity and heritage, intended to satisfy the contemporary urban planning needs. Reviving the spirit of a place well known from the times of the Hanseatic League, the investment offers residents and visitors a unique combination of residential comfort and public space, aligned with the multi-use concept, accommodating a variety of functions within a single building compound. The housing, hospitality, and service functions are designed to create a dynamic and diverse urban space. 

Interesting fact!

The project’s name Granaria is a reference to the rich past of Gdańsk and times when Granary Island was the city’s commercial centre. As early as in the Middle Ages, it was a major part of the growing Hanseatic city, where valuable goods from all over Europe were stored. Today’s reincarnation of the site reflects its historical significance and restores it to its former glory, turning Granaria into the beating heart of contemporary Gdansk.

While the project was being developed, some 21,000 of our fixings were used over an area of more than 6,500 m2! The R-MBA metal hammer-in facade fixing, consumed in as many as 8,000 pieces in sizes 200–250, is a solution that proves perfect for facades requiring high fire resistance (R120). Quick and easy in installation, our hammer-in fixing speeds up work considerably, and the wide selection of its variants makes it possible to anchor thermal insulation panels up to 250 mm in thickness. The R-TFIX-8S universal facade fixing, used in the quantity of 3,000 pieces in sizes 335–435 and 10,000 pieces in sizes 235–255, is characterised by a unique anchoring zone design that allows it to carry high loads and reduces the number of anchoring points required per square metre. The high rigidity of the matching retaining plates along with the reduced point thermal transmittance ensure stability of the facade thermal insulation system by minimising heat losses and counteracting the vibrations induced by wind uplift forces.

The integration of the old granary buildings with the new architecture on Granary Island posed a unique challenge as the project was being implemented. Recognised as crucial to the urban landscape of Gdańsk, these heritage features have significant cultural value. To combine the facades and structures of the granaries with the new reinforced concrete and steel constructions, not only a genuine engineering vision but also a meticulous design approach were needed. We are proud that our products were considered suitable for use in such challenging conditions, where the harmonious combination of old and new elements was crucial to preserve the authenticity and integrity of each part of the project.

Obiekt referencyjny Rawlplug

Under the Granaria project, we worked alongside such contractors as ED-Elewacje and BRICKhouse, delivering products that met the highest quality standards. Thanks to the synergy with Korporacja Budowlana Doraco, acting as the general contractor, we succeeded in combining visual appeal with solid workmanship. The cooperation with leading developers, such as IMMOBEL, highlights our proficiency in the implementation of ambitious projects and allows us to consolidate our reputation as a provider of reliable solutions.

Investment details

  • Location: Gdańsk
  • Investor: Immobel 
  • Designers:
    • Authors of the comprehensive architectural concept of Granaria: RKW Architektur +;
    • Authors of the concept for Stage I of the Granaria project: Kwadrat Studio Architektoniczne;
    • Authors of the concept for Stage II of the Granaria project: MSA Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. (formerly Mąka Sojka Architekci)
  • General Contractor: Korporacja Budowlana Doraco Sp. z o.o.
  • Contractors (secondary): ED-Elewacje; BRICKhouse

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