The Olympic and Paralympic Village

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To say that we are happy of our product becoming a part of the Olympic and Paralympic Village is to say nothing. Once again, one of our flagship solutions has been chosen for a prestigious construction project.

With every passing day we are closer to one of the world’s biggest sporting events. The year 2024 will be marked by the distinctive five interlocking rings of the Olympic Games. This time, the athletes will compete in Paris – the city of romance and love. And wherever any great sporting events take place, Rawlplug is obviously there as well!

The Olympic and Paralympic Village is a project intended not only to follow the pioneering environmental standards implemented in Paris, but also to bring social benefits long after the Olympic Games are over. Interestingly, several athletes from five different continents have been given an opportunity to share their ideas for a vision of the perfect space. The outcome is a village built by athletes, for athletes. The project will stretch on the territories of as many as three towns, providing accommodation to thousands of competitors from around the world. Once the Games are over, the Village will be transformed into a neighbourhood with residential and service facilities as well as spacious green areas.

It is also noteworthy that the Village is not only designed in very modern fashion, but it will also meet the Parisian environmental excellence requirements, aligned with the vision of low-carbon Olympic Games. This is expected to contribute to the protection and promotion of biodiversity, by means such as the use of materials of ecological origin. Roofs constructed with insects and birds in mind, or plants and water in public spaces are just some examples of the solutions aimed at adapting the city to the rapidly progressing climate change. 

We are proud to have made our humble contribution to this project. Well, maybe not that humble, since we have delivered a thousand of our infallible R-LX-CS-ZF concrete screws, which invariably prove to be perfectly tailored for investments such as this. The R-LX anchors are designed to work in cracked and non-cracked concrete, both reinforced and non-reinforced. The design of the screws makes them suitable for fixing near edges and in dense spacing. The R-LX-CS-ZF have been additionally zinc flake coated, making them very resistant to corrosion. This property is particularly important where the anchors are used to build structures expected to last for long years. 

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