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Power tools from Rawlplug – R-PDD18-XL2 drill driver [video]

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You can find several different models of cordless drill drivers on Rawlplug’s offer. Find out what the R-PDD18-XL2 features and what accessories you will find in the tool set.

The R-PDD18-XL2 is one of Rawlplug’s non-impact drill drivers. You can buy the device as a stand-alone product or in a set including the following items: 

  • device, 
  • two batteries, 
  • fast charger, 
  • professional gloves, 
  • operating instructions.

Versatile drill driver form Rawlplug

This is one of the most versatile power tools you just can’t overlook when tackling most finishing jobs. The model is intended for both DIYers and professionals.

Did you know that…?

Rawlplug’s cordless power tools are compatible with a single 18V battery system. This means that you only need one set of batteries for different pieces of equipment.

You can use this drill driver when working in substrates such as: 

  • non-cracked concrete, 
  • stainless steel, 
  • wood.

Features and characteristics of the R-PDD18-XL2 drill driver from Rawlplug 

  • This power tool from Rawlplug will come in handy for all contractors on account of how versatile, convenient, and functional it is. Check out what makes this model stand out. 
  • Planetary transmission gears made of high quality steel, ensuring long service life of the power tool. 
  • Two gear settings and 16+1 clutch positions enabling you to set the right speed and torque depending on the substrate type and the screw or bolt size. 
  • Simple and user-friendly clockwise/anti-clockwise direction switch, positioned where it can be used quickly and conveniently to change the operating mode. 
  • Rotational speed up to 2,000 rpm and torque up to 60 Nm, making the drill driver suitable for a wide range of drilling and screw driving applications. 
  • Device ergonomics making work very comfortable: Rawlplug’s drill driver features a rubberised and contoured handle as well as a belt clip, while being lightweight and compact. 
  • Two batteries and a fast charger included in the tool set, allowing you to work without interruptions. 


Rawlplug’s advanced technical support service will help you solve the operational problems of your equipment (both of the tool and the battery). We stick to our 24-hour rule, which means that we will remove a defect within a maximum of 1 working day from receiving the equipment.

In a nutshell. Check out the R-PDD18-XL2 drill driver [video].

Cordless drill driver - R-PDD18

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