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Factory Production Control. Outstanding job of Rawlplug and our suppliers

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We closed the first quarter of 2024 with four successfully completed audits. Our FPC activity also comprised the continuously growing manufacturing plant in Thailand.

  • Factory Production Control (FPC) means continuous in-house production monitoring.
  • All the FPC system elements, as well as the requirements and provisions we have accepted, make us obliged to continuously maintain dedicated documentation, forming rules and procedures, including records of the completed tests and inspections of products and production components. 
  • The FPC documentation system provides us and our suppliers with uniform and transparent interpretation of the inspection results obtained, making it possible to achieve the required product characteristics.
  • Our FPC system is adapted to the technology in use, which allows us to make sure that the products in series production maintain the performance characteristics declared. 
  • FPC encompasses specification and verification of raw materials, inspection and testing in the manufacturing process, as well as control tests conducted in line with pre-arranged test plans and according to the principles and procedures specified in the relevant technical documentation.
  • We are obliged to record the production control results on a systematic basis, as they confirm that our products meet the applicable criteria of assessment and verification of the constancy of performance. 
  • Our construction products or components as well as the processes implemented for purposes of their production must be fully traceable, repeatable, and compliant with the stringent requirements of the construction law as well as the European and national guidelines contained in the relevant technical documentation. 

What do we need audits for?

The main purpose of the audits we hold on a regular basis is to continue stable production and to monitor the FPC system against the applicable certification requirements. The system is subject to an annual assessment across all the production sites indicated in the approvals issued for the construction products covered by national (KOT) and European (ETA) technical assessments. Such an assessment procedure makes it possible to have all of our CPR (Construction Products Regulations) certificates maintained.

Four audits were held earlier this year.They covered the Rawlplug SA manufacturing plant on the premises of the Wrocław HQ as well as our Asian supplier and two leading Polish suppliers of metal components for our products.

Anna Donesz

FPC Specialist

Top quality in every location

We are more than happy and satisfied to announce that all of the aforementioned audits have ended with a positive result, and the information collected by that means will allow us not only to improve the processes we have deployed and the cooperation with suppliers, but also to invariably deliver construction solutions of the highest quality.

However, this is not the end of our large-scale activities undertaken within the sphere of Factory Production Control. 

In this respect, we unceasingly collaborate with the dynamically growing Rawlplug manufacturing plant in Thailand where we have been implementing the FPC system in the area of glass capsule production. This would not have been possible without the support of the HQ specialists: Katarzyna Lizakowska – Quality Department Manager, Jaroslaw Chudy – Quality Processes Team Leader, and Jerzy Maj – Maintenance Department Manager.

Anna Donesz

FPC Specialist

In February, Anna Donesz and Piotr Rzyski, EHS Department Manager, visited the plant in Thailand to assist the local team preparing for the implementation of the FPC system, documentation- and process-wise.

Our cooperation with Rawlplug Thailand is textbook teamwork. I am proud of the progress of the knowledge and experience exchange between us.

Anna Donesz

FPC Specialist

Rawlplug Vietnam getting closer to ISO 

The recent audits at our suppliers as well as the operations undertaken in Thailand (it is currently our exclusive supplier of glass capsule anchors across the Rawlplug Group)  represent Rawlplug’s consistent pursuits aimed at keeping the highest production standards. We have recently seen the first stage of the TÜV audit conducted in Vietnam completed with positive results. Stage two is scheduled for 26 April, and it will enable implementation of the quality management system at the local manufacturing plant as well as its upgrade to the ISO-9001 standard. 

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