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Power tools from Rawlplug – R-PID18-XL2 impact driver

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This cordless impact driver is one of Rawlplug’s professional power tools intended for screwing and unscrewing operations. Our compact battery-powered tool will prove most useful both in professional jobs and at home workshops. Find out what makes the XL2 variant of the R-PID18 unique.

One of the professional tools used for driving screws and bolts, next to screwdrivers and impact wrenches, is an impact driver. It is sometimes mistakenly referred to as an impact screwdriver, but this is an incorrect simplification. How does it differ from other power tools?

What is an impact driver, how does it work, and what is it used for? 

This kind of professional tool is mainly useful to people who are professionally involved in construction work, particularly installation, assembly, and renovation. Unlike the more versatile screwdriver or drill driver, the impact driver, making use of its peripheral impact feature, will prove more effective when tightening screws and working with construction fasteners. It is therefore recommended for professional jobs, and specifically for screwing and unscrewing. 

Unlike in impact drill drivers, which are also often used to drill holes in various materials, the percussion function of impact drivers is active on the perimeter, increasing the efficiency of tightening and loosening of demanding joints, but not of drilling. 

What is the intended use of impact drivers? Using this tool, you can easily 

  • screw together all kinds of elements or assemble furniture, appliances, and structures, 
  • install bolts, nuts, screws – even the large ones. 

The compact size and low weight of our impact driver, as well as its unique operating principle and the high torque it generates, also make it useful for installation jobs and in situations when you cannot use both hands for screwing and unscrewing, for example when working on a ladder or, more generally, at heights. 

The most important feature of this tool is its capacity to tighten and loosen connecting pieces quickly and securely, so you don’t need to invest too much effort. The rotary impact mechanism produces high torque when the socket is set against the fixture. 

Must-know fact!

Even though this power tool is sometimes confused with an impact drill driver, they are not completely interchangeable. You can use it to drill holes with appropriate bits, but it is definitely not a substitute for professional tools dedicated to this task, such as drills or impact drill drivers, which not only enable drilling, but also have an option to disable percussion. However, drilling with a driver is possible to some extent. 

With Rawlplug’s impact driver at hand, you can drill in wood using special spade drill bits, which you can find on

Do you prefer a drill driver?

Impact driver vs impact wrench 

What these two power tools have in common is that they are used for the same assembly, disassembly, and installation jobs. Both devices allow you to drive screws and bolts with high efficiency. However, they differ considerably in terms of the torque they produce, and a cordless impact wrench will always be superior in this respect. 

Unlike the more powerful impact wrench, the impact driver may turn out to be incapable of handling very large screws or nuts. This is the reason why you choose the wrench for work on larger structures. 

Thanks to its compact size and lower torque, the impact driver, on the other hand, performs better when it comes to installing and removing smaller elements, such as wood screws. With such characteristics, it does not damage surfaces, which could happen with a more powerful impact wrench in use. 

Must-know fact!

Opt for an impact wrench if you need a tool for handling screws close to 10x36 mm in size or the M20 bolts. 

PID18-XL2 cordless impact driver – key parameters 

In a nutshell. 

The PID18-XL runs on a powerful brushless motor, it is capable of generating a torque of 210 Nm, and features an electronic rotary impact mechanism adjustment system. This means that it is suitable for everyday high-precision work. 

What makes this impact driver from Rawlplug unique? Here are its most important characteristics: 

  • the maximum torque of 210 Nm allows you to drive screws and bolts of small sizes without the risk of surface damage, 
  • the battery power supply system and the two batteries included in the XL2 set along with the dedicated charger ensure long and comfortable work, even for several hours, 
  • additional protection against excessive torque is provided by the special Auto Stop Control (ASC) mode, eliminating the risk of surface damaging while screws and other connecting pieces are installed, 
  • the brushless motor powering the PID18 impact driver ensures long service life and high performance of the mechanism, 
  • rotational speed is controlled electronically, so you can precisely adjust the impact driver’s parameters to match specific applications. 


In a nutshell.

The PID18-XL runs on a powerful brushless motor, it is capable of generating a torque of 210 Nm, and features an electronic rotary impact mechanism adjustment system. This means that it is suitable for everyday high-precision work. 

The brushless impact driver is definitely a powerful tool for professional applications, capable of withstanding the demands of heavy-duty jobs, even when used on a daily basis. 

Thanks to the universal tool holder (inner 1/4" and outer 1/2”), you can use it with both bits and sockets. 

Rawlplug’s cordless impact driver in the XL2 set 

In addition to the necessary equipment, the XL2 variant comes with a selection of useful accessories: 

  • Rawlplug’s professional power tool case where all components are stored and which allows you to safely keep and transport a variety of tools and sets, 
  • two 5.0 Ah batteries, 
  • fast charger, enabling you to fully charge the battery in up to 50 minutes, 
  • professional work gloves. 

Care for a different variant of this product?

Check out other versions of our cordless impact wrenches and drivers.

In a nutshell! Explore the PID18-XL2 impact driver from Rawlplug and its matching accessories

Cordless impact driver - R-PID18

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