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The new Rawlplug Academy e-learning platform invites to lessons

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Entirely new training material, including subjects such as law, information protection, and cybersecurity, more multimedia, and close collaboration with companies from all over the world while developing brand new content.

These are just some of the changes we will soon introduce to the Rawlplug Academy’s digital version.

Our e-learning platform available at, regularly visited and used by nearly 1,000 employees and customers, is the well-known vestibule of our Academy, representing an already enormous and continuously growing repository of knowledge about Rawlplug and its product offering. This year, especially for you, we have decided to refresh its visual layer and expand the range of available features to make it even more intuitive and full of even more information profiled for specific needs.

“The new platform is transparent and user-friendly, which is what we desired most,” says Tomasz Hojka, Rawlplug Academy’s expert and trainer. “As administrators, on the other hand, we have much more space to show what we can achieve in terms of independent content management, without having to rely on any solution provider in this respect. Content or related questions can now be created on the fly, nearly in real time, which was simply impossible with the platform’s older version used until recently. This represents yet another tribute to our employees and customers.”

New e-learning platform Rawlplug Academy
New e-learning platform Rawlplug Academy

Power tools and fixings E-training at its best 

The users who are already familiar with the Rawlplug Academy e-learning platform should not expect a revolution, but rather evolution resulting from the continuing development of our service. is still a place where new employees can easily find introductory training and where customers can learn about the product range to an extent they are interested in.

The first thing an employee who has just started out with Rawlplug should do is log on to our platform. Thanks to the theoretical knowledge that can be acquired there, they will feel more at ease during the next stage of onboarding, which is the hands-on training delivered by the Rawlplug Academy product trainers.

Tomasz Hojka

Rawlplug Academy

The training packages are obviously diversified in terms of the advancement level and tailored to the needs of specific recipients: there are some for new hires, others for managers or specialists, and still others for the regular customers interested in a selected group of products from the portfolio.

“We want each user to be able to easily obtain or refresh information about our products and the right ways to use them, at any time,” Tomasz Hojka adds. “The new platform benefits efficient learning because it is responsive and works perfectly on all mobile devices. There is no need to be tethered to a desk and computer. All you have to do is launch it on your tablet or smartphone at a convenient time and you are ready to expand your knowledge in a matter of minutes.”

New e-learning platform Rawlplug Academy
New e-learning platform Rawlplug Academy

New e-learning content: law, IT, and HR, plus video tutorials 

The changes to the Rawlplug Academy platform will no longer be limited to the range of improvements and facilities already introduced. We intend to implement all the new features gradually – in stages.

“You can surely expect more multimedia” Tomasz Hojka continues. “We have already prepared a selection of brand new e-learning courses in a video format. As Rawlplug Academy trainers, we want to be close to people at all times, reduce the distance and pass on knowledge in the most attractive form possible. Soon, we will also release training modules in completely new fields, such as law (e.g. information security, GDPR) or IT (cybersecurity). Each of them will end with the participants receiving adequate certificates we issue. There will also be plenty of e-learning content made available on a periodical basis, which will need to be completed within a certain time limit.”

E-training in foreign languages – more of them to come. Rawlplug Academy closer to local markets

What else to expect? A growing array of languages available on the e-learning platform. Rawlplug’s subsidiaries from all over the world will help us develop it, as they continue to collaborate with our HQ even more closely next year, translating and creating brand new content for both the new platform and Rawlplug’s YouTube channels

The video tutorials we have released on YT so far are very popular with the channel subscribers,” says Tomasz Hojka. “Now, we want to duplicate what has worked so fine in Poland in our companies and centres operating in other countries. This is what Rawlplug Academy is all about, and we, the trainers, follow suit. We are committed to building competence and transferring knowledge related to Rawlplug’s wide product range as well as our unique solutions, both in the area of power tools and the globally recognised fixing solutions.

Tomasz Hojka

Rawlplug Academy

We will soon let you know about further new Rawlplug Academy developments, and rest assured that they will come in numbers. In the meantime, please visit (the login system has remained unchanged: employees log in using the SSO button, and external accounts – using login and password). Go ahead and put the new e-learning platform to test, and make sure to let us know what you think of it.

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