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Rawlplug’s POS product display system – the key to retail success

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Leading the sector of fixing and fastening systems, Rawlplug has been fine-tuning its innovative product display system for years. Striving to cater to the needs of customers and business partners, the company creates complementary solutions dedicated to stores, wholesalers and other points of sale.

Did you know that…?

Rawlplug has years of experience in implementing, designing, and manufacturing display systems. With several hundred implementations in the track record (including both redevelopment projects and new applications), we continue to extend and improve our POS displays, creating increasingly innovative, functional, and visually appealing solutions.

Rawlplug’s product display strategy is one of our service pillars and service quality indicators. Our goal is not only to provide support by delivering best-in-class products, but also to ensure comprehensive assistance related to both handling and sales of these products.

Did you know that…?

POS is an acronym for point of sale, and the notion encompasses both the actual store as well as all sales supporting materials.

point of sale Rawlplug
Modular shelving with a variety of display elements divided into products for universal, wooden and concrete substrates.

How does Rawlplug create an effective point-of-sale display?

The most important purpose Rawlplug’s product display system has been designed for is to make it as easy as possible for shoppers to quickly find the right product.

The display racks of special design are built from modules that can be freely arranged and adapted to the dimensions of the available space and the selling point’s needs.

What makes Rawlplug’s product display system unique?

  1. Colour coding
    Each product, dedicated to a specific substrate, is distinguished by its individual colour. This makes the choice of the right fixings, fasteners and tools quick and easy.
  2. Intuitive product descriptions
    The right selection of the keywords used in product descriptions makes the search for the right goods easy and convenient.
  3. Installation guidelines
    Clear illustrations and step-by-step instructions facilitate the application and handling of our products.
  4. QR code technology
    Quick access to videos and animations by QR code scanning on smartphones or tablets.
  5. Standard display
    Ready-made solutions matching a specific product range, supporting both customers and sales force.
  6. Flexible display setup
    Modular solutions that can be adapted to any selling space, regardless of its size or layout.
  7. Unique accessories
    Additional accessories, such as Rawlplug-branded bags and cases, allowing customers to make even better use of the company’s merchandise.
  8. Supporting ecology
    As an environmentally-conscious company, striving for sustainability, Rawlplug uses eco-friendly packaging.

The racks are fully customisable, and can be freely assembled and dismantled. Their design is closely matched to the given type of Rawlplug’s products and packaging.

Cracow Rawlplug's shop display
An example of the realisation of the first shop-in-shop in Kraków is a display with an all-round development, i.e. not only POS elements, but also a desk, wardrobe and table.

Did you know that…?

Thematic displays, colour codes, packaging and fixings of dedicated design – all these make Rawlplug-branded products not only clearly discernible, but also easy to browse through, making the search for the right solution and the ultimate choice a painless experience for the customer.

Shop-in-Shop – when standard solutions are not enough

Rawlplug is relentless in its pursuit of innovation. We unceasingly strive to understand the realities of our partners and customers as fully as we can. This is precisely the reason why we have developed our unique POS system, which is also suitable for small, non-typical, and difficult spaces. We call it Shop-in-Shop – a product display system using free-standing modular shelving.

best display standards
Example of the use of colour coding and clear product categorisation.

You can choose between its diverse totems – modular shelves of different shapes and functions, which you do not necessarily have to set conventionally against the wall. They work equally fine in spaces difficult to arrange, where you can place them in the middle of an alley or in a corner.

Rawlplug Shop-in-Shop totems can be used in layouts:

  • triangle,
  • square,
  • star,
  • corner,
  • “U”,
  • key.
Rawlplug's totems
These are the layout possibilities of the innovative Rawlplug Shop-in-Shop totems.

Support at any time – Rawlplug team at your service

Our qualified employees will not only help you choose the right rack or fill it, but they can design the display space from A to Z to make it perfectly matched to your requirements as well as the conditions the store provides.

How does the implementation of Rawlplug’s POS system proceed in stores?

  1. Design – we start by defining all the technical conditions, customer needs, dimensions of the available space, and the positioning of our POS display. With all these guidelines in mind, we design a dedicated product display system matching a specific point of sale. 
  2. Production – in the next step, the design documentation goes to production, which proceeds under our full supervision. This gives you the certainty that the project is implemented strictly in line with your requirements. We use durable materials and an intuitive assembly system.
  3. Installation – the system is delivered to the site where we assemble and install it by taking all the characteristics of the customer’s business operations into account. And since both the construction and installation are simplified, the work is quick and non-invasive (without disrupting the store’s operations).

Types of POS materials:

  • Hard:
    • Racks
    • Hook hangers
    • Shelves
    • Hangers
  • Soft:
    • Stands
    • Price strips
    • Wobblers
    • Side panels


Rawlplug's pos totems
This is how the triangle totem and the square totem are presented.

Attractive and functional – Rawlplug’s product display system

Nothing promotes sales better than appealing and systematically organised display of goods. Thanks to our specialists, long years of experience, as well as the feedback received from partners and customers, we know how to display our merchandise in a visually attractive fashion and to make sure that those who are looking for a specific product find it without hassle or the need for a salesperson’s assistance. 

Rawlplug takes care of every single detail of the customer experience, and the best thing you can do is to make the most of our expertise and technical support!

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