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Cordless drill drivers – choosing the right one

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“Drill drivers currently represent the most popular group of power tools on the market,” claims Jarosław Bednarczyk, Product Management Team Leader at Rawlplug. No wonder that we always seek to address this segment as comprehensively as possible.

Find out more about the range of drill drivers offered by Rawlplug and learn what to focus on to make sure that the power tool you choose suits your needs best.

One of the most important advantages of cordless drill drivers is their versatility. These machines are suitable for finishing and renovation work and come in particularly handy when assembling furniture, installing wall plugs and screws, as well as assembling wooden and metal structures or drilling even in hard materials, such as concrete or brick (devices with the percussion drilling feature). And since they are designed not only for drilling but also for screwing and unscrewing, they offer you complete freedom to conduct the most common installation jobs. However, if you want your drill driver to serve you for a long time and, at the same time, have exactly the functions you care for, pay attention to a few aspects before choosing a particular model.   

Drill drivers – things to consider before purchasing

There are several aspects which determine how durable a drill driver is and how it functions. So before you make a purchase, pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Power supply: you can choose between corded and battery-powered drill drivers. Mains-powered devices are not limited in operating time, but they require constant access to electricity, which often reduces their working range. Cordless machines, on the other hand, are characterised by high mobility, which makes them much more convenient to use.
  • Power and speed: the higher the drill driver power, the more demanding the work the machine can handle. It is also suitable for harder construction substrates. However, make sure that the power of your tool is optimised for your needs. Machines offering slightly lower power will also manage perfectly when used at home. The rotational speed of your drill driver, on the other hand, allows you to adapt the working mode to specific applications, increases the tool’s precision, and prevents damage to both the material and the machine.
  • Torque: this parameter determines how efficient and effective the drill driver is when used for various purposes. Torque, measured in newton-metres (Nm), represents the force the device applies while working (drilling, screwing or unscrewing). The higher the torque, the greater the force with which the drill driver can operate. Thanks to the torque adjustment feature, you can adapt the force of the tool’s rotary motion to the installation job at hand.
  • Ergonomics and weight: they both prove very important, especially if you intend to perform continuous installation or assembly work for long periods of time. Make sure that the drill driver of your choice is ergonomic in design, offering a non-slip handle and other features that affect handling comfort.
  • Motor type: the motor is the drill driver’s heart. It determines the power tool’s efficiency and durability. There are variants with brushed and brushless motors on the market. You will find the latter in Rawlplug-branded machines, as brushless motors deliver increased efficiency and service life so you can be sure that your power tool will serve you for a longer time. Brushless motors also make it possible to extend the battery life on a single charge, which translates into improved working comfort. 
  • Battery and working time: when choosing a cordless drill driver, check the battery capacity and the estimated working time per charge.
  • Warranty and technical support: before purchasing a drill driver, check the duration and terms of the manufacturer’s warranty, as well as the availability of technical support services and spare parts.

Important! Rawlplug’s cordless and corded power tools and batteries are covered by a 36-month warranty.

Drill and driver in a single tool – is it worth it?

Buying a drill driver instead of two separate devices, namely a drill and a screwdriver, yields several important advantages:

Versatility and convenience: drill drivers combine the functions of both tools. You can drill holes as well as screw and unscrew without changing tools. This makes work significantly more efficient, especially where these tasks are to be performed alternately.

Space saving and ease of storage: having a single multifunctional tool, you save space in your workshop or garage. This proves particularly important to those with limited storage space in disposal.

Cost: although high-quality drill drivers can be more expensive than a single tool offering basic functions, it is usually a more cost-effective investment than purchasing two separate high-end tools.

Reduced weight and compact design: drill drivers are often designed specifically to be lightweight and easy to handle. This makes them ideal for people who are not used to carrying heavy tools or need a tool that is handy in the first place.

Shorter preparation and changeover time: working with a single tool significantly reduces the time needed to prepare and switch between different tools, which is particularly convenient in a dynamic working environment.

Lower maintenance and repair costs: it is usually less complicated and expensive to take care of one piece of equipment than of two separate devices.

One power supply/battery: When it comes to battery-powered tools, having a single device means that only one battery needs to be charged and maintained, which is more convenient and energy efficient.

Having chosen a drill driver, what you get is a universal tool that can tackle multiple tasks while saving space, time, and money. This is particularly appealing to DIYers and hobbyists, but also to professionals looking for a reliable and versatile tool.

What is the difference between impact and non-impact drill drivers?

The operation of impact drills drivers, as opposed to non-impact devices, is based on a different mechanism, which makes them suitable for a wider range of applications. Impact drilling machines feature a percussion mechanism which generates rhythmic pulses propagating along the drill axis. This makes them suitable for work in harder materials such as masonry or concrete. At the same time, if you need a drill driver for domestic use and mainly intend to drive and remove screws or drill in softer substrates (e.g. wood or metal), a non-impact power tool should fully cater to your needs. 

Cordless screwdrivers – overview of Rawlplug’s portfolio

Until recently, there used to be only one drill driver in Rawlplug’s range. It has been replaced with three machines. Our portfolio has primarily been expanded to address our customers’ needs better.

The versatility of drill drivers was the starting point for developing Rawlplug’s new expanded product portfolio. The RawlDriver line now includes three machines, each designed for a slightly different range of applications. What our devices share is that they are made with attention to detail and using top quality components. Meet Rawlplug’s drill driver family.


A small, lightweight device that fits perfectly in the hand. If we were to describe this machine with one word, it would certainly be convenience. The R-PDD18-55 drill driver has a profiled handle, a single-sleeve drill chuck that makes it possible to install all bits with one hand, and an LED illuminating the work area. The ergonomic, robust body houses a brushless motor, a steel planetary gearbox generating up to 55 Nm of torque and a rotational speed of up to 1,800 rpm, as well as two gears making it possible to adapt speed and torque to the specific type of work. The device can be purchased in a set that includes two 2.0 Ah batteries and a charger.  

R-PDD18-70 cordless drill driver

A versatile drill driver perfect for use at home, but also capable of handling selected professional jobs. This version also features a brushless motor, a two-gear transmission, and a steel planetary gearbox – this one generating up to 70 Nm of torque and a rotational speed of up to 2,000 rpm. While designing the R-PDD18-70 drill driver, we also focused on the convenience of use, hence the rubberised profiled handle, the single-sleeve drill chuck, and the ergonomic body, making the machine suitable for long hours of work. The set includes two 5.0 Ah batteries and a charger, meaning no need for downtime. 

R-PDD18-P100 impact drill driver

We offer the latest machine in the RawlDriver range to professionals and all those who look for equipment for heavier duty work. Unlike its smaller relatives, the R-PDD18-P100 drill driver offers the percussion drilling function, which significantly extends its capabilities. The device can be used not only for screwing, unscrewing, and drilling, but also for impact drilling in lightweight concrete and brick. The add-on side handle improves safety, mainly when working with large-diameter drill bits and screws. The electronic torque clutch improves machine handling control and increases performance at work. The steel planetary gearbox generates up to 100 Nm of torque and up to 2,100 rpm of rotational speed, allowing the drill driver to prove its worth in a wide range of applications. The device comes with two 5.0 Ah batteries and a fast 50-minute charger.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Rawlplug’s drill drivers can be purchased in multiple equipment versions, allowing users to match the device to their needs and to the tools and accessories they already have. The power tools are compatible with the Rawlplug 18V battery system and sold in cardboard boxes as well as cases. The RawlDriver line has been designed in such a way as to enable everyone to find the right product for themselves. As Jarosław Bednarczyk points out: “Not always is the most powerful device also the best one. First, you need to identify the kind of work the machine will be used for, and not until then should the right equipment be selected. Thanks to Rawlplug, this decision is much easier to make.

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