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Power tools from Rawlplug – cordless driver for plasterboard applications [video]

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One of Rawlplug’s power tools is a cordless driver for plasterboard applications. Read on to learn about its features and to find out for what other substrates it is suitable and what makes it unique.

R-PDS18 cordless driver from Rawlplug  

Power tools represent a product group Rawlplug has been continuously developing and refining in order to address the needs of professionals. 

Next to universal cordless drill drivers, Rawlplug’s product range comprises the R-PDS18 model intended for more specific professional applications, namely for work in plasterboard. 

Did you know that…?

The R-PDS18 driver from Rawlplug comes in handy when you intend to fix plasterboard panels to substrates such as wood and steel or aluminium profiles.

Features of Rawlplug’s cordless drywall driver: 

  • Compact size – reduced dimensions and weight allow you to work longer with the tool. 
  • Cordless design – the battery power supply system enables you to work safely without restrictions. 
  • Continuous operation thanks to the power switch locking mechanism. 
  • Hexagonal tool holder (size 1/4“) for quick mounting of bits. 
  • Screw setting depth adjustment for high-precision fixing. 

What makes Rawlplug’s driver unique? 

The R-PDS18 drywall driver is a part of Rawlplug’s power tool range which even highly advanced users will find handy. It allows you to work without interruptions, and should you choose the set containing two batteries, it will also perform remarkably when used for screwing in series thanks to its automatic feeding mechanism. 

Did you know that…?

The power tool is available in different variants – bare, without accessories, and in highly functional sets. In the most advanced option, the driver comes with two batteries, a fast charger, gloves for professional applications, and a user manual – all conveniently placed inside a Rawlcase container which makes storage and transport of equipment comfortable and safe.

The driver’s rubberised handle improves work ergonomics, making the tool suitable for prolonged operation. Thanks to the battery level indicator, you can readily determine for how long it will last without battery change. On top of that, the tool comes with a nose piece for single screw driving. 

Have a look at this video to find out what exactly the driver set contains and how the tool works:

Cordless drywall RawlDriver - R-PDS18

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