Wrocław’s tallest office building added to Rawlplug’s portfolio!

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In the heart of Lower Silesia rises the stately edifice of Artefakt – the latest reference project on Rawlplug’s list and currently the tallest office building in Wrocław. Which of our products were used in the course of its construction? Read on to find the answer.

Located at the intersection of Wielka and Powstańców Śląskich streets, the building was erected on the site of a former tenement house which hosted the district labour office for many years. Artefakt has 15 levels, including the ground floor, reaching a height of 60 metres. Its imposing silhouette is a new landmark in the city landscape, neighbouring Wrocław’s tallest building – the well-known Sky Tower.

Artefakt in numbers

The Artefakt office building construction project began in 2017 and took six years to complete. This 14-storey building offers more than 10,000 m2 of total space, including more than 9,000 m2 of usable space. Most of this space is dedicated to offices, while the remaining area of 302 m2 is occupied by three commercial units, sectioned off by the Wrocław-based developer, i2 Development.

Must-know fact!

i2 Development is a capital group operating in the property development sector, offering a variety of residential projects, situated in central Wrocław and in the city’s other prestigious districts, as well as modern office and service premises. Having integrated the developer and general contractor functions, the group is self-sufficient and competitive. Korfantowskie Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlane, owned by i2 Development, was responsible for the construction of the Artefakt office building.

Potential tenants are offered a two-level underground garage with 50 parking spaces at their disposal. Some of the additional facilities available on the site are 31 bicycle racks and a water spray station for cyclists. Comfort and safety are ensured by the surveillance, security, and access control systems, as well as five high-end lifts. 

Szkielet Biurowca Artefakt - Rawlplug

Visual appeal and design

Artefakt clearly stands out with its modern and elegant design, highlighted by glazed walls with floor-to-ceiling windows. Double glazing provides effective outside sound suppression and acoustic comfort inside the building. Its interiors are reminiscent of luxury hotels, which the building owes to materials such as stone, terrazzo, metal and concrete, adding elegance and modernity. The upper floors offer impressive views of the city, while you can even catch a glimpse of the nearby mountain ranges from the top levels. 

Biurowiec Artefakt we Wrocławiu - Rawlplug

Open-space offices

Artefakt offers open-space areas on each storey, enabling their flexible arrangement according to the tenants’ needs. The floors have been designed to become divided into offices for two, three, or four companies, with individual units ranging in area from 100 to 700 square metres. This makes Artefakt’s offering so unique, as it provides offices of diversified area in an excellent location and finished to a high standard.

Biurowiec Artefakt we Wrocławiu - Rawlplug

Products used during construction

While the Artefakt office building was being constructed in Wrocław, our products proved crucial for ensuring the unparalleled quality and strength of its structure. The project consisted in installing a steel substructure to be used to fix the cladding covering piping and wiring systems. Diverse solutions were employed to this end, including the R-HPTII-ZF zinc flake-coated throughbolts and the ON 5.5x32mm self-drilling screws, all carefully selected on site.

The R-HPTII-ZF throughbolts are extremely strong, and they can be used in both cracked and non-cracked concrete. With their unique design, these anchors enable drilling and fixing directly through the fixture, making installation work much easier and faster. They meet the requirements of fire resistance up to 120 minutes, while their depth markers facilitate high-precision setting in the hole. On top of that, the bolt’s design allows anchoring at reduced depths, and by that means, avoiding contact with rebars. 

The ON 5.5x32mm self-drilling screws feature coloured polyester protective coating, safeguarding them against corrosion and perfectly matching the metal sheathing colour. The coating contains UV stabilisers, which guarantee prolonged colour stability. The screws feature a self-vulcanising EPDM sealing washer, resistant to temperature differences and UV radiation. The drilling point of unique and aggressive design enables quick and effortless installation in steel substrates, making sure that drilling, tapping, and fixing can be performed within a single working cycle. The sharp drilling point tip prevents the screw from slipping on the fixture surface, which translates into installation accuracy and efficiency.

Rawlplug's products
Rawlplug’s products; from the left: ON 5.5x32mm self-drilling screws and R-HPTII-ZF throughbolts

Investment details

  • Designer(s): Chamielec Architekci – architectural design 
  • Investor: i2 Development 
  • General Contractor: Korfantowskie Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlane 
  • Products: R-HPTIIZF, ON-55032

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