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Certified kits from Rawlplug. Install a swing and feel safe

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Swinging is easy and fun – why should swing installation be any different? Using Rawlplug’s certified kits, the first of their kind in Europe, you can rest assured knowing that you and your loved ones can not only spend some wonderful time together and relax, but above all be safe.

Rawlplug is the first company in Europe to introduce certified swing installation kits (certificate of conformity with the PN-EN 71-8:2018 standard). We thus seek to cater to the needs of our customers who put quality, reliability and comfort first.


We are perfectly aware of how problematic it can be to gather all the necessary parts together, not to mention the fact that many of the fixings available on the market fail to meet the strength requirements to guarantee safe play for our children or a relaxing time for our loved ones.

Remigiusz Misiak

POS manager

Rawlplug’s customers can choose from several variants of the certified product for quick and hassle-free installation: one- and two-point fixing for timber structures, one- and two-point fixing for solid ceiling substrates, and a universal kit with the R-KEM II bonded anchor for different substrates, great for both solid and hollow spaces.

It is worth adding that Rawlplug’s complete kits are suitable not only for fixing swings. They can also be used to install hanging armchairs and swing sofas in gardens, as well as sports equipment such as punching bags.

Remigiusz Misiak

POS manager

Enough said. Just choose the right option for your needs – and leave all your worries behind.

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