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Houston, we have a success story! Rawlplug’s new battery has up to 60% more power

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Last year, we compared the process of developing Rawlplug’s new batteries to the Apollo programme.... and now we’re closer to the Moon than ever before. We are proud to present the 8 Ah battery, which we designed with our customers’ needs in mind – and based it on a completely new cell standard.

The RawlBattery R-BAT-188001 fits all the power tools we manufacture because, just like the other batteries powering the PowerTools 18V family, it is part of a single, standardised system. This means that it can supply power both to the powerful RawlHammer and, if you really insist, to the smaller RawlDriver, but let’s be honest… we designed the R-BAT-188001 thinking mainly of the most energy-consuming machines, such as the rotary hammer, the angle grinders, and the circular saw.

To achieve this, we used new lithium-ion cells following the 21700 standard. They guarantee much higher capacities (4.0 Ah) with only slightly larger dimensions, and they are resistant to above-average loads, which is extremely important especially in work on large projects.

Due to the size of the new cells, the R-BAT-188001 is a bit taller and heavier than our previous batteries (0.97 kg vs 0.67 kg in the case of the R-BAT-185001 5 Ah), but once it is installed in the power tool, you forget about it immediately, as the new battery offers amazing performance. Compared to the R-BAT-185001, it has 60 per cent more power and can run 60 per cent longer on a single full charge (the values may vary depending on the type and conditions of the specific work performed), and charging with the RawlCharger R-CHR-186501 only takes 80 minutes.

Just like all the other lithium-ion batteries in our range, the R-BAT-188001 also features top-quality components and electronic control systems, which guarantee its exceptional efficiency and reliability. The large capacity and failure-free operation, on their part, make working with the tool it powers even more enjoyable.

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