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New from Rawlplug: Multidrill universal drill bit

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Which drill bit is suitable for concrete, how to recognise a drill bit for steel, and which one is right for wood? We like to make work easier for our customers, which is why we have introduced the Multidrill, a universal drill bit designed for drilling in a variety of materials.

The universal drill bit improves working comfort, as well as saves space and time required to change the drill bit or power tool. It is the best choice not only for home DIY enthusiasts, but for all those who value convenience and versatile solutions.

universal drill Rawlplug

Rawlplug universal drill bit – key features

As a power tool manufacturer with more than one hundred years of experience in the construction industry, we know how important the quality of accessories is. When designing our universal drill bit, we didn’t settle for any compromise:

  • the centring blade prevents uncontrolled slipping of the drill bit during work,
  • the 118° angle and the four sharpened edges make it possible to drill clean and smooth holes in a variety of substrates,
  • the L-shaped spiral makes it possible to quickly extract dust from the hole,
  • heat treatment increases drill bit hardness to 52 HRC, making it stronger and extending its service life.

Why is it worth choosing Rawlplug’s universal drill bit?

At Rawlplug, we make sure to provide our customers with an extensive, complementary range of products. Consequently, we have added a universal drill bit to our portfolio, which already includes dedicated drills for concrete, steel, and wood, as well as a full range of cordless drill drivers from the R-PDD18 family.

Our Multidrill can be used for drilling holes in concrete and brick, steel, aluminium, ceramics, wood, plywood, plastic, and composite panels. Rawlplug’s universal drill bit is available in as many as nine sizes, making it possible to easily select the right diameter and length for the specific installation needs.

Rawlplug drill bit

No specialised knowledge is required to use the Multidrill, which makes it an excellent option for home DIY enthusiasts and anyone who needs to drill a hole for their own use, which often involves drilling in different materials. Suffice to say, the Multidrill makes it possible to drill hole in tiles laid on the wall without having to change the drill bit. Comfort comes first! At the same time, the top quality of Rawlplug’s drill bits makes them a safe bet for professionals too.

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Multidrill 9x120 mm universal drill bit for concrete, metal and wood - plastic box - 1 pc.

Multidrill universal drill bit

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