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Your ultimate partner in saving time and enhancing productivity at work. Tailored specifically for construction professionals – architects, engineers, contractors, and suppliers of fixings, fasteners, and tools – each service is meticulously crafted to meet real-world demands. With Rawlplug, streamline your workflow, achieve efficiency, and maintain unparalleled precision throughout every phase of your construction projects.


Rawlplug Software

Proprietary applications designed on the basis of real-life construction projects by streamlining with Up-To-Date building standards and regulations.


Welcome to Rawlplug Academy, where expertise meets ambition!

Our education and development program, Rawlplug Academy, is designed to exceed the expectations of construction industry professionals. Dive deep into our comprehensive curriculum to enrich your understanding of products and services. Transform into a recognized authority, bolster your skills, and cultivate customer trust like never before. Embark on your journey to mastery with Rawlplug Academy today!

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What is the new RawlWRENCH impact driver designed for?

Which rotary hammer for the construction site? The all new R-PRH18-26!

Looking for a cordless rotary hammer? Check our RawlHAMMER R-PRH18-24

Impact extension bar for fixing in hard-to-reach places

They trusted us

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We look after the natural environment

ZERO emissions by 2030

We are constantly developing our strategy for sustainability, based on innovative, nature-friendly solutions, social commitment and following a high standard of corporate governance. We seek to enhance production efficiency, with a goal of minimizing the level of emissions into the environment to NET-ZERO by 2030. Read more in the Rawlplug's Sustainability Report.

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We look after the natural environment

We reuse raw materials

We use 30% of recycled plastic in the production of each UNO Universal Plug, by continuously implementing new innovative Research & Development solutions to consistently optimize the environmental impact of our production process. Find out more from the Rawlplug's Sustainability Report.

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We look after the natural environment

The world’s first plug made of 70% wood

The Timber UNO plug is made from 70% wood. Additionally, it is sold in a fully biodegradable B-PACK packaging, which can be disposed of in a biodegradable waste bin or compost bin.

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