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RoofSystem SDS Plus adapter 500 mm - plastic bag - 1 pc.

Roofsystem SDS Plus Adapter

Single-point ceiling swing set - plastic bag - 2 el.

Compatible with all hanging chairs for children and adults

Two-point swing set for wooden constructions - plastic bag - 8 el.

Compatible with all garden swings.

DRA Mix of self-drive plasterboard fixings, 80+80 pcs. - plastic bag - 160 pcs.

Self-drilling light-duty nylon fixing for use in plasterboard sheets and gypsum fibreboards.

18V 210Nm Impact Driver, Set with R-RC Rawlcase, 2 batteries 5.0 Ah and 6,5A charger - plastic case - 1 pc.

18V impact driver with 210 Nm torque and multi-hexagonal inner and external 1/2" quadrangular handle, allows you to work with bits and caps.

18V 70Nm Cordless drill driver, Set with R-RC Rawlcase, 2 batteries 5.0Ah and 6,5A charger - plastic case - 1 pc.

Drill/driver 18V 70 Nm for screwdriving depending on the hardness of the material.

Steel mesh sleeve 14 mm 1 m for M12 rod - Plastic bag - 10 pcs.

Plastic mesh sleeve R-PLS 16x85 mm - plastic bag - 10 pcs.

Plastic sleeve R-PLS 16x130 mm - label - 1 pc.

Internally Threaded Sockets R-ITS-Z M10x100 mm - Cardboard box - 10 pcs.

High load-bearing capacity

Hybrid bonded anchor R-KER-II - plastic cartridge - 400 ml

TORSION Pozidriv PZ1 PZ2 PZ33 bit set - blister - 3 pcs.

Pozidriv bits with precision milled head

Magnetic holder 1/4" 60 mm - blister - 1 pc.

Holder for 1/4" bits with a powerful internal magnet

Extended impact socket 1/2" 15x78 mm - plastic hanger - 1 pc.

Extended impact socket

Impact bits Phillips PH2, 25 mm - plastic case - 20 pcs.

Impact bits

Torsion Torx40 T40 25 mm bits - blister - 3 pcs.

Long Torsion bits

Torsion Torx25 T25 long bits, 450 mm - blister - 1 pc.

Long Torsion bits

Torsion Torx25 T25.25 mm bits - plastic case - 20 pcs.

Long Torsion bits

Bit set 25 mm PZ1 PZ2, PZ3, PH1, PH2, PH3, T20, T25, T30 + adapter 60 mm - blister - 1 pc.

Torsion Torx T25, T30, T40 bits

Torsion Pozidriv2 PZ2 bits 25 mm - blister - 3 pcs.

Long Torsion bits

Services to streamline your projects

Technical support

We can perform design calculations and choose the most suitable fixing solution for you. We’re always at your service.

On-site testing

Our experts can conduct the required strength tests and verify the correctness of the on-site fixings.

24-hour delivery

We typically complete more than 95% of deliveries in Poland within 24 hours. You can check the delivery time of every product.

Efficient complaint handling

You can file a complaint quickly and conveniently via our platform.

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Learn about our comprehensive range of design support, construction consulting, and product display (POS) services.


Download EasyFix – our proprietary software – and run all the necessary design calculations quickly and conveniently.

Rawlplug already on board with the European Tool Association


Rawlplug Vietnam Football Club wins a cup


Rawlplug Slovakia – our Slovak branch changes it's name

Rawlplug’s 3D Printing Lab. Injection mould designing and conformal cooling

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Hammer-in facade fixings R-TFIX-8M in new length variants



New Rawlplug product – the R-HPTIII throughbolt

Quick installation of the R-TFIX-8S-X fixings only with the new setting tool for facade insulation fixings

DRA LONG from Rawlplug. Don’t look further, this is the best choice!

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