Reliable power tools for the expert


Effective display is your silent salesman

Expand your point of sale


Services to streamline your projects

Technical support

We can perform design calculations and choose the most suitable fixing solution for you. We’re always at your service.

On-site testing

Our experts can conduct the required strength tests and verify the correctness of the on-site fixings.

Quick delivery

We typically complete more than 95% of deliveries within 24-48 hours. You can check the delivery time of every product.

Efficient complaint handling

You can file a complaint quickly and conveniently via our platform.

Radosław Koelner. An interview in three acts. Act I: THE PAST


Rawlplug already on board with the European Tool Association

Rawlplug Vietnam Football Club wins a cup


Rawlplug Slovakia – our Slovak branch changes it's name

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